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Dysschema thetis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Erebidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Lepidoptera
Genus  Dysschema
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Similar  Dysschema, Dysschema mariamne, Dysschema leucophaea, Gnophaela vermiculata, Composia fidelissima

Dysschema thetis, the Northern Giant Flag Moth, is a moth of the Erebidae family. It is found from the south-western United States to north-western Mexico.

The wingspan is 85–95 mm.

The larvae feed on Asteraceae species.


Dysschema thetis and Dysschema mariamne have historically been regarded as synonyms; however, the lectotype of thetis belongs to the same population historically known as D. howardi, therefore making these two synonyms, while mariamne is the correct name for the more southern species.


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