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Origin  Pakistan
Scoville scale  30,000-65,000 SHU
Heat  Very hot
Species  Sweet and chili peppers
Dundicut Dundicut Pepper Cayenne Diane
Similar  Mulato pepper, Infinity chili, 'Fresno Chili' pepper, Pequin pepper, Naga Viper pepper

Dundicut peppers are a variety of small, round (approx. 1/2" to 1" diameter), dark red chili peppers grown in Sindh Pakistan. They are a cultivar of either Capsicum frutescens or Capsicum annuum and are also known in Asia as lal mirch.Sold dried, Dundicuts are similar in size and flavor to Scotch bonnet peppers, but are very much as hot, and are of a different species.

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According to a major U.S. commercial spice vendor, dundicuts are "quite hot, with a full-bodied, complex flavor. A single crushed pepper will add heat and flavor to a dish for two." The heat rating for Dundicuts, as measured in Scoville Units, ranges from as low as 30,000 to a high of 65,000.

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Dundicuts are a common ingredient in parrot food.

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Dundicut Spices at Penzeys Dundicut Peppers
Dundicut Spices at Penzeys Dundicut Peppers
Dundicut Spices at Penzeys Dundicut Peppers


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