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Don't Lose Heart, Suzanne!

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Directed by  Arzén von Cserépy
Initial release  24 January 1935
Screenplay  Peter Hagen
Edited by  Willy Zeunert
Director  Arzén von Cserépy
Cinematography  Guido Seeber
Written by  Peter Hagen (novel) Hans Hömberg Georg Mühlen-Schulte (de) Gerd Tolzien
Starring  Jessie Vihrog Veit Harlan Willi Schur
Music by  Erwin Offeney Marc Roland
Production company  Cserepy-Tonfilmproduktion
Cast  Veit Harlan, Jessie Vihrog, Willi Schur
Music director  Marc Roland , Erwin Offeney
Similar  Der Choral von Leuthen, Fugitives, Robert and Bertram

Don't Lose Heart, Suzanne! (German:Nur nicht weich werden, Susanne!) is a 1935 German drama film directed by Arzén von Cserépy and starring Jessie Vihrog, Veit Harlan and Willi Schur.



A young woman's attempts to break into the film industry are thwarted by two unscrupulous producers.


The film's sets were designed by the art directors Erich Grave and Karl Vollbrecht. The film offered support to the Nazi Party's anti-Semitic stance by a negative portrayal of the two Jewish film producers. It received strong official backing and a gala premiere was arranged for its release by Joseph Goebbels. To Goebbels' surprise and disgust the first night audience booed once the screening was over. The incident was largely hushed-up and the film's director Arzén von Cserépy went back to his native Hungary in disgrace and never made another German film.

The film was a success however for the young actress Hilde Krüger. Following this film she was given the patronage of Goebbels. She was to appear in twenty more films and went on to be a spy for Germany.


  • Jessie Vihrog as Susanne Kirchner
  • Veit Harlan as Georg Brinkmann
  • Willi Schur as Generaldirektor Sally Gold
  • Ernst Rotmund as Produktionsleiter Archinowitz
  • Maly Delschaft as Filmdiva
  • Harry Frank as Filmstar
  • Eugen Rex as Regisseur
  • Hans Adalbert Schlettow as Detektiv
  • Rotraut Richter as Grete
  • Ellen Bang as Lilli
  • Josef Dahmen as Kurvenkarl
  • Heinz Berghaus
  • Gerhard Dammann
  • Josefine Dora as Tante Frieda
  • Hugo Flink as Redakteur
  • Aribert Grimmer as Kommissar
  • Karl Harbacher
  • Max Hochstetter
  • Maria Krahn
  • Hilde Krüger
  • Hermann Picha
  • Karl Platen
  • Max Ralph-Ostermann as Schmidt - Rechtsanwalt
  • Carla Rust
  • Ernst Albert Schaach as Vizepräsident
  • Robert Thiem as Fredy Miller - Regieassistent
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