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Dominion (season 1)

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Country of origin  United States
Original network  CBS
No. of episodes  8
Original release  June 19 (2014-06-19) – August 7, 2014 (2014-08-07)

The first season of the American television drama series Dominion premiered on June 19, 2014, and concluded on August 7, 2014, and consisted of eight episodes. Syfy broadcast the first season on Thursday at 10:00 pm in the United States.



  • Christopher Egan as Sgt. 1st Class Alex Lannon: A young and often rebellious V2 soldier in Vega's Archangel Corps, Claire's lover and the father of her child and Charlie's surviving son (from Legion). He discovers he is the unlikely savior of humanity, known as "The Chosen One", and the central figure of Vega's dominant official religion, known as "Saviorism". Alongside the archangel Michael, Alex defends the city of Vega against Gabriel and other threats, while also deciphering the mysterious tattoos on his body.
  • Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael: A legendary warrior known throughout history as the greatest of the archangels, Michael was the only angel to take humanity's side during The Extermination War, turning against his own kind, and was instrumental in defeating his brother Gabriel and saving what was left of mankind. He now acts as Vega's protector; the first line of defense against Gabriel's armies of Possessed, and also commands Vega's Archangel Corps; an elite unit responsible for the protection of Vega's aristocracy. Always inscrutable, Michael has proven to be an invaluable ally; he is Riesen's chief advisor, Becca's lover and Alex's guide and protector – Michael has watched over Alex his entire life, and works to train him as "The Chosen One".
  • Roxanne McKee as Lady Claire Riesen: A teacher to orphan children, believer in Saviorism, Riesen's daughter and Alex's lover who is pregnant with his child. Claire was originally Vega's princess and heir to her father's seat as ruler of Vega, and is deeply opposed to the hierarchical V-System. She is beloved by the people and always does her best to watch out for the city's lower classes despite her sheltered and privileged upbringing, defending their rights to the Senate. Claire fell in love with Alex after he saved her life during his assignment as a guard to House Riesen, though their secret relationship is forbidden. Claire is forced into marriage with William Whele, as a political move to defend her from his power-hungry father, David. Claire later ends her relationship with Alex to marry William, though she turned on William and had him imprisoned upon realizing he was a Black Acolyte, and she herself was expecting Alex's baby. Claire took over her father's position when he left town.
  • Luke Allen-Gale as William Whele: Vega's Principate and David's son, William was the religious leader of the Church of The Savior, the religion that has grown since The Extermination War, all based around the concept of The Chosen One. Seemingly serving his flock with a kind heart, William was secretly loyal to Gabriel, archangel and enemy of mankind. William had an inferiority complex, deeply desiring his father's acceptance and pining for Claire's affection. William welcomes his betrothal to Claire, having been very much in love with her since childhood, but feigns reluctance due to it being a political move by their fathers. William also positions himself close to Alex, pretending to worship him as The Chosen One, but he secretly served as leader of Gabriel's Black Acolytes in Vega. William later married Claire, though she turned on him upon realizing he was a Black Acolyte allied with Gabriel. William was then banished from Vega.
  • Shivani Ghai as Arika/Evelyn: The beautiful and wily Queen of Helena, a distant and mysterious fortified city, Evelyn comes to Vega as "Arika" – supposedly the consort and wife of Queen Evelyn, and a diplomat who is part of a negotiating party, and shared a clandestine relationship with David Whele. Evelyn's true agendas are deceptive, secretive and mysterious to the residents of Vega. Evelyn acts to maintain the peace between Vega and Helena, maneuvering throughout Vega's leadership with grace and skill.
  • Rosalind Halstead as Senator Becca Thorn: One of the Senate's consuls, the head of House Thorn and Riesen's confidant, Becca is one of the most powerful leaders in Vega, overseeing all scientific and medical personnel in the city. She is David's rival in the Senate and defends Riesen – privately knowing he could die at any moment of congestive heart failure. Becca is also a close friend to Claire Riesen; and carries on a forbidden affair with Michael that involves stronger feelings than even she may be comfortable with.
  • Anthony Head as Senator David Whele: Vega's Secretary of Commerce, one of the Senate's consuls, the head of House Whele and William's father. David is the chief of administrator of Vega and the second most powerful leader in the city, responsible for keeping every government department running while the Lord commands the military. A ruthless and cunning political operator, David is an ambitious power broker, and an utterly ruthless and narcissistic politician, who is always on the hunt to keep or grow his power by any means necessary. A former televangelist, he uses the "psychology of faith" to advance his and his son's positions. He is vehemently against Saviorism, and considers Alex to be his greatest threat in his pursuit of control of Vega, and that him being The Chosen One could bring ruin to their society. David maintains a dynamic and unpredictable relationship with Riesen – the only one who outranks him, and attempts to usurp him by making William the Lord of the City through a forced marriage to Claire, but this fails after William is exposed as a Black Acolyte, forcing David to leave his son to wander the desert.
  • Alan Dale as Gen. Edward Riesen: Vega's Lord of the City, the head of House Riesen and Claire's father. Riesen is Vega's selfless ruler and military leader who remains a paragon of strength and duty, despite his failing health. 25 years ago, during The Extermination War, Riesen led humanity to victory – rallying and organizing survivors under his leadership, Riesen defeated Gabriel, destroyed his army and ended his ability to wage war on humankind. Afterwards, Riesen helped found the city of Vega, and imposed a rigid class system, known as the "V-System", as a way to keep order and ensure the city's survival. Riesen serves as Lord of the City for years and commands the military against angel threats, while also maintaining his hold on power and thwarting David Whele's attempts to usurp him.
  • Recurring

  • Carl Beukes as Archangel Gabriel: An archangel, Michael's "twin" (in the hierarchy of angels) and leader of the angels in the war against humanity, Gabriel is responsible for pushing humanity to the brink of extinction – when God disappeared, Gabriel, having always been scornful and jealous of humanity's favored position, and full of hate for mankind at their abuse of the Earth that he believes is birthright to the angels, lead the majority of his brethren in a war to end mankind. Gabriel wants nothing less than to wipe them out entirely – believing this will bring his beloved father, God, back from his disappearance. Gabriel himself has a colorful personality – once a protector of humanity who was calmest and most collected of his kind, he is now extremely violent and unstable, but remains a master manipulator who wields truth and deception as masterfully as a sword. Gabriel seems to have lost all sacred, heavenly qualities except a love of his brother, Michael. Despite their ongoing conflict, Gabriel hopes to reignite his brother's hatred of humans to bring him over to his side. with the revelation of Alex as The Chosen One, Gabriel maneuvers through his disciple William to have Alex voluntarily join him, an effort that succeeds after he threatens Alex with Vega's destruction.
  • Kim Engelbrecht as Sgt. Noma Banks: A sergeant in Vega's Archangel Corps, Noma is Alex's friend and fellow soldier. Noma always has Alex's back and they trust each other implicitly – she knows about his forbidden relationship with Claire, with Alex trusting her to keep the secret. Noma and Alex also have a casual sexual relationship since their time as recruits. She is later revealed to be a higher angel who supported Michael to stand against Gabriel, and was assigned by Michael to watch over Alex.
  • Katrine De Candole as Archangel Uriel: An archangel, Michael and Gabriel's sister and Raphael's twin. Uriel resurfaces after years underground, a new player of uncertain intentions and loyalties. At first she appears to be allied with Michael, but later swears allegiance to Gabriel. Her sly, scheming tendencies make her a bit of a loose cannon, and both of her brothers call her insane. Uriel's only clear agenda seems to be deciphering the tattoos on The Chosen One's body in order to bring God back.
  • Jonathan Howard as Sgt. Ethan Mack: A sergeant in Vega's Archangel Corps who works as a guard for House Whele, and Noma and Alex's best friend and fellow soldier. Ethan cares for Alex like a brother, and is aware of Noma's attraction to him. Among the AAC soldiers, Ethan is infamous for trading rare goods such as whisky or perfume (apparently stealing these high-end goods from Vega's aristocracy and selling them to fellow soldiers). According to Evelyn, Ethan is secretly homosexual.
  • Anton David Jeftha as Furiad: One of the higher angels who have joined Gabriel in his war against humanity, Furiad is Noma's former lover and leader of Gabriel's High Guards. Furiad belongs to the second sphere of angels (the "Powers") who were born to be warriors to keep the other angels in line, and are far more dangerous than the angels who possessed mankind during The Extermination War. Like Gabriel, Furiad is among the angels who have always hated mankind. According to Michael, Furiad is vain and unintelligent, and can easily identified by the special red armor he wears.
  • Langley Kirkwood as Jeep Hanson: Alex's adoptive father and Charlie's husband (from Legion), Jeep was a hero of Vega long presumed dead in The Extermination War, and known publicly as Vega's "prophet" for The Chosen One. Jeep, now a forgotten warrior, sneaks into Vega after 14 years, revealing his survival to Vega's leadership and bearing tactical news of Gabriel's stronghold. Jeep and Alex's relationship was rocky, as while his love for and belief in his son were unwavering, Jeep sacrificed their bond, on Michael's instruction, reluctantly abandoning his son on Vega's streets as a V-1 orphan. This was so, while Michael protected and watched over him secretly, Alex would gain the skills he needed to survive on his own, and eventually rise as The Chosen One – these efforts succeeded but left Alex feeling bitter and angry that his father who apparently loved him effectively left him to die. Jeep thereafter spent his long years alone attempting in vain to decipher the enigmatic tattoos, which he bore on his own body until the time was right for Alex to assume his birthright. Roan, a higher angel disguised as a human child, kills him shortly after his return during an angel attack on the city.
  • Betsy Wilke as Bixby: A young V1 orphan, Bixby barely eked out an existence in Vega, but Alex watched over her like a big brother, and he hoped to take her and Claire out of the city so they will no longer have to live by Vega's strict caste rules. Bixby witnesses the revelation of Alex's true identity as The Chosen One, and was then granted the protection of House Riesen, as well as a greatly improved standard of living. After an angel attack leaves her injured, David Whele kills her while she is in recovery, to prevent her from spreading the news of Alex being The Chosen One – a revelation that had led to a hostage situation and near deaths of Riesen and David. Alex and all others believe Bixby succumbed to her injuries naturally.
  • Kevin Otto as Louis: A neutral higher angel and a refugee from The Extermination War, Louis was a mild-mannered grocer living and working in Vega as a vendor in the marketplace. Michael, his long-time friend, is entirely aware of his location as well as other neutrals in the city and protected them from the Senate finding out about them, until Michael declares that he and the other undercover angels in Vega must finally choose a side in Gabriel's war.
  • Amy Bailey as Clementine Riesen: Riesen's wife and Claire's mother, now one of the Possessed angels, kept by Riesen living at the abandoned Luxor hotel. Clementine retained enough of her human memories to maintain a secret love with Riesen, but it was entirely forbidden and put her at extreme risk, as she would be condemned by both her own kind and the humans of Vega. Her only wish is to escape the shadows and live a normal human life, despite the fact that she knows this is not possible. Riesen's dangerous secret was later discovered by Alex, Michael and Claire. Clementine later dies as, while Alex evicts the angel from her body, it leaves her vegetative and catatonic, leading her daughter to kill her out of mercy.
  • Tyrone Keogh as Lt. Vince: A security guard for House Whele.
  • Kenneth Fok as Capt. Finch: A captain in Vega's Archangel Corps, and Alex and Noma and Ethan's firm and unforgiving superior officer.
  • Danny Keogh as Senator Thomas Frost: One of Vega's senators, Frost is one of the leaders of Vega and is responsible for the city's Agritowers, in which much of the food is grown. One of the city's founding fathers, Frost is a powerful believer in the coming of The Chosen One, and is an honest politician allied with Riesen and Michael against David Whele, valuing the truth above all else. When he accidentally learns the identity of The Chosen One is known to the city's leaders, his desire to reveal the truth leads Frost to take Riesen and David hostage and threaten to flood the Agritowers and destroy most of Vega's food supply if The Chosen One didn't reveal himself to the public. Alex defuses the situation by coming before Frost and proving he was his Savior with his knowledge of Frost's daughter, Abby, who died for him the first night of The Extermination War. Riesen killed Frost to keep Alex's identity secret, but covered up the truth – publicly declaring Frost saved the Agritowers from an accidental flood at the cost of his own life, and giving him a state funeral.
  • Fiona Ramsay as Senator Blanch Romero: One of Vega's senators, Romero is one of the leaders of Vega and is responsible for the vitally important nuclear reactor that powers the city. A shrewd politician, Romero has aligned herself with David Whele and against Riesen (when the political winds dictate it). According to Ethan Mack, Romero has severe an alcohol addiction, possibly due to the loss of her family during The Extermination War.
  • Luam Staples as Roan: Originally appearing as a mysterious child savant, Roan accompanied Arika and her retinue of women from Helena to Vega. Favored by Evelyn, the leader of Helena, the silent boy was suspected to be far more than he seemed. During an angel attack on the city, Roan revealed himself as a higher angel and member of the Powers, now joined with Gabriel, and killed Jeep before escaping. This incident damages relations between Vega and Helena.
  • Julie Hartley as Felicia Aldreen: Claire's servant at House Riesen, Felicia was originally a neutral higher angel and a refugee from The Extermination War, though she later sided secretly with Gabriel. Felicia attempted to kill Alex, though she fails and is driven from Vega.
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