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Dodona (genus)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Lepidoptera
Scientific name  Dodona
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Arthropoda
Family  Riodinidae
Higher classification  Riodinidae
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Lower classifications  Dodona durga, Dodona adonira, Dodona dipoea, Dodona ouida, Dodona egeon

Dodona, the Punches, are a genus of butterflies found in Asia.


Forewing broad, short, triangular; costa very slightly arched; apex subacute; termen slightly convex; tornus angulate; dorsum straight; cell comparatively broad, about half the length of the wing; veins 6 and 7 from upper apex of cell, therefore upper discocellular obsolete, middle and lower subequal, concave; vein 3 from a little before lower apex of cell, 4 from apex, 8 and 9 out of 7, 10 from upper apex of cell, 11 free, 12 very short, terminating opposite origin of 11. Hindwing: costa arched; apex broadly rounded; termen below apex straight to vein 4, then slightly bent inwards and slightly concave to tornus; tornus produced and lobed, in some forms with a slender tail in addition; dorsum slightly arched, nearly straight; cell about half the length of the wing; discocellulars oblique; vein 3 from just before lower apex of cell, 4 from apex; costa at base angular. Antenna over half the length of the forewing; club short, male reduced and clothed with soft hairs; tarsus one jointed; Female has the foreleg covered in scales and functional.


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