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Discovering Psychology

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Genre  Documentary film
Directed by  West Coast Production: Ann Strunk (director of print projects) and Kim Storey (project director). Updated edition: Christine Herbes-Sommers (project director)
Presented by  Philip Zimbardo (series host)
Theme music composer  Original program: Gene Mackles (open titles & theme music)
Composer(s)  Original program: Tom Phillips (program music). Updated edition: Tom Martin and Tom Phillips (program music).
Executive producer(s)  Original series: William C. Brennan. Updated edition: Michele Korf.

Discovering Psychology is a PBS documentary on psychology presented by Philip Zimbardo, for which he received the Carl Sagan Award for Public Understanding of Science. The series was released in 1990, with an updated edition comprising three additional episodes in 2001.


  1. Sensation and Perception
  2. Learning
  3. Remembering and Forgetting
  4. Cognitive Processes
  5. Judgment and Decision Making
  6. Motivation and Emotion
  7. The Mind Awake and Asleep
  8. The Mind Hidden and Divided
  9. The Self
  10. Testing and Intelligence
  11. Sex and Gender
  12. Maturing and Aging
  13. The Power of the Situation
  14. Constructing Social Reality
  15. Psychopathology
  16. Psychotherapy
  17. Health, Mind, and Behavior
  18. Applying Psychology in Life
  19. Cognitive Neuroscience
  20. Cultural Psychology


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