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Diadem (ship)

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Several merchant vessels have borne the name Diadem, after the Diadem, a type of crown:

  • HMS Diadem was a 14-gun sloop that Hill, Limehouse, launched in 1798 as the commercial vessel Diadem. The Admiralty purchased her in 1801 and renamed her HMS Falcon in 1802. The Admiralty sold her in 1816. Her buyers renamed her Duke of Wellington. She was wrecked at Batavia in 1820.
  • Diadem (1800 ship) was a barque of 350 or 367 tons (bm), launched in 1800 by Chapman and Campion, Whitby, for Edward, Aaron, and Robert Chapman. She was sold to the British government in 1818.
  • Diadem (1802 ship) was a ship of 455 tons (bm) launched in 1802 by Chapman and Campion for Edward and Aaron Chapman, and Robert Campion. Lloyd's List of 10 January 1834 reported that '"Diadem, Smith, master, was a total wreck.
  • Diadem (1840 ship) was a barque of 398 tons (bm) (measuring 105'5"×25'6"×19'7") launched in 1840 by H. Barrick, Whitby, for Chapman, London. She left Gravesend on 18 December 1841 with 166 passengers that she delivered on 10 April 1842 at Port Leschenault, Western Australia.
  • Diadem (1874 ship), a screw steamer built in 1874 in Newcastle and owned by Hall Brothers.
  • SS Diadem (1906), of 3752 tons, was launched in 1906 by Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton; on 23 February 1916 the German submarine U-38 sank Diadem as Diadem was sailing in ballast from Marseilles to Port Said.
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