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Dhimiter Jonima

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Noble family  Jonima family
Name  Dhimiter Jonima
Died  1409

Dhimiter Jonima (? – 1409) was an Albanian nobleman from the Jonima family. Together with other Albanian noblemen he is mentioned as a participant of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. He suffered another defeat from the Ottoman Empire shortly after the Ottoman forces captured Shkoder in 1393. Then he acted as a mediator between them and Marco Barbadigo, the husband of Helena Thopia who was at that period in possession of Kruje castle. In 1402, as an Ottoman vassal, together with other Albanian noblemen, he fought alongside Bayezid I's forces in the Battle of Ankara. After the Ottoman defeat, he accepted the suzerainty of the Venetian Republic as a vassal of Koja Zaharia. He is last mentioned in the sources in 1409 and is supposed to have died the same year. After his death, Gjon Kastrioti took possession of the Jonima dominions, which became a part of the Principality of Kastrioti. Other members of the Jonima family are mentioned in Shkoder region later, however they never reached the fame of Dhimiter Jonima. Even long after his death, in 1431, upon the defeat of Gjon Kastrioti by Ottoman forces, the lands taken from him and once belonging to Jonima family, were registered by Ottomans as the vilayet of Dhimiter Jonima.


His name has been spelled "Demetrius Jonima", "Dimitri Jonima", "Dmitar Gonoma", and in Albanian: Dhimiter Jonima.


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