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Deux Vultures

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Deux Vultures is a musical group in Kenya performing hip hop and pop music.

The group consists of two members: Colonel Mustapha (real name Daudi Mustapha) and Nasty Thomas (Thomas Konzanga). They grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Like many other Kenyan artists, they started their career at jam sessions of the Florida 2000 nightclub in Nairobi. Originally the group was known as "Desert Vultures" and had as many as 20 members, but soon the group decreased to two members and was renamed Deux Vultures. Their debut single "Mona Lisa" became a big national hit in Kenya. In 2003 they left Ogopa DJ's record label together with Longombas and Mr. Googz & Vinnie Banton, and formed an own label, Bad Man Camp. Deux Vultures and Longombas, however, later returned to Ogopa. Their album Katika was released around 2004.

Deux Vultures collaborated with the benga musician Dola Kabarry on the song Adhiambo C. Deux Vultures are also known for their song "Kinyaunyau", which was said to offend women. The female singer and their label-mate Wahu released a response to the song "Kibow Wow" using the same melody and beat "Kinyaunyau".

They won the best group from Tanzania & Uganda category at the 2004 Kisima Music Awards. They stated they won a wrong category since they are a Kenyan group, who just were brought up in Tanzania. Deux Vultures received a nomination also at the 2008 Kisima Music Awards. Deux Vultures were to have a tour in the US, but their promoters in the US failed to get visas for the group, because at a previous tour Kenyan groups Kleptomaniax and Longombas overstayed their visas.

Colonel Mustafa is working on a solo album in 2009, but said Deux Vultures still exists and will produce more music


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