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Det 20de Århundre

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Det 20de Århundre ("The Twentieth Century") was a periodical published by the Norwegian Labour Party.

History and profile

Its purpose was to print background articles on ideology and issues. For news, the party had a full network of newspapers, with Arbeiderbladet (earlier names: Vort Arbeide and Social-Demokraten) as the leading organ.

Editor from 1920 to 1923 was Arvid G. Hansen. From 1929 its editor was Håkon Meyer, but he was fired in 1934 for deviating political views. From 1936 it was edited by Arne Ording and Finn Moe.

In 1911 it published a text which was written by internationally known anti-Semite Theodor Fritsch, and translated by the Norwegian anti-Semitic writer Eivind Saxlund. Saxlund had also written a preface. The text was both anti-Semitic and racist in general. The periodical printed a rebuttal in the next issue, but in 1912 Saxlund had an article of his own in print. In it, he lamented a recent "coolie shipment" of 25 Galician labour immigrants; this he perceived as a threat because of possible "miscegenation".


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