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Der Graf vs. Horrorpunks

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Released  27 April 2007
Label  Gan Shin
Genre  Rock
Producer(s)  Bela B./Wayne Jackson & Balzac
"Der Graf vs. Horrorpunks" (2007)  "Gitarre runter" (2007)
"Der Graf vs. Horrorpunks" (2007)  "Swallow the Dark" (2007)

"Der Graf vs. Horrorpunks" [The count vs. horror-punks] is a split single/EP by German rock singer Bela B. ("der Graf") and Japanese horror punk band Balzac ("Horrorpunks").

Bela B. covers Balzac's "Wall" (from "Deep - Teenagers from Outer Space") and "Tomorrow" (from "13 Stairway - The Children of the Night"). Lula is on additional vocals.

Balzac covers Bela's "Tag mit Schutzumschlag" ("The Day with Dust Cover") and "Versuchs doch mal mit mir" ("So Why Not Try Me Instead") (both from "Bingo").

Track listing

  1. Balzac: So Why Not Try Me Instead (M: Ludwig/T: Felsenheimer)
  2. Bela B.: Wall (M/T: Hirosuke Nishiyama)
  3. Balzac: The Day with Dust Cover (M: Bruhn-Felsenheimer/T: Felsenheimer)
  4. Bela B.: Tomorrow (M/T: Hirosuke Nishiyama)


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