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Dentyl pH

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Dentyl pH is a brand of mouthwash, an oral hygiene product designed to reduce the presence of bacteria responsible for tooth decay, gingivitis and halitosis. Traditional mouthwash formulations use alcohol or other antimicrobial ingredients to kill bacteria. Although Dentyl pH contains anti-bacterial agents (cetylpyridinium chloride, triclosan), it is atypical in that it also contains isopropyl myristate, an oily, non-aqueous, component that adheres to bacteria making them easier to rinse from the mouth. As of 2007, Dentyl pH was one of the top two mouthwash brands in the United Kingdom.

Dentyl pH is sold in Australia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Slovenia, and South Africa. In Israel it is sold under the names Orbitol and Assuta.


The use of oil in a mouthwash product was proposed by Mel Rosenberg, following his study of bacteria that break down oil spills. Dentyl pH was first launched in the UK in 1997, through Fresh Breath Limited, as part of a patients' programme that aimed to prevent or treat bad breath, plaque and gum disease.

In 2007, Dentyl pH released Icy-Fresh Mint and Icy-Fresh Cherry flavours to be sold alongside the original Smooth Mint flavoured mouthwash. In July 2007, the brand was bought by Blistex Inc. A new flavour, Minty Citrus Splash, was launched in 2008, the first flavour of its kind in the market. In 2009, Dentyl pH developed Ultra Cleanse, which contains Bicarbonate of Soda to help neutralise plaque acid and further minimise buildup of plaque. In the UK, April 2009, Dentyl was recalled due to a 'microbiological problem' by its UK manufacturer McBride. This led to the product being withdrawn from McBride and the contract being given to Boots Contract Manufacturing at their facility in Nottingham.


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