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Dent (surname)

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Dent is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aileen Dent (1890-1978), Australian artist
  • Alfred Dent (1844–1927), British businessman and founder of the North Borneo Chartered Company
  • Andrew Dent (1955–2008), Australian doctor and humanitarian worker
  • Bucky Dent (born 1951), American baseball player
  • Charles Dent (disambiguation), multiple people with the name (includes "Charlie")
  • Clinton Thomas Dent (1850–1912), English alpinist, author and surgeon
  • Edward John Dent (1790–1853), English watch maker
  • Edward Joseph Dent (1876–1957), English musicologist and biographer of Handel
  • Eric Dent (born 1961), American complexity theorist
  • Frederick Baily Dent (born 1922), United States Secretary of Commerce
  • Frederick Tracy Dent (1820–92), American soldier
  • Harry Dent (disambiguation), multiple people with the name
  • Jason Dent (born 1980), American mixed martial artist
  • J. M. Dent (1849–1926), British publisher
  • John Dent (disambiguation), multiple people with the name
  • Julia Boggs Dent (1826-1902), wife of Ulysses Grant, the President of the United States
  • Lester Dent (1904–1959), writer best known for creating the character Doc Savage
  • Martin Dent (1925-2014), English academic
  • Richard Dent (born 1960), former football player
  • Susie Dent (born 1964), English lexicographer
  • Ted Dent (born 1969), Canadian ice hockey player and coach
  • Taylor Dent (born 1981), American tennis player
  • Teresa Dent (born 1959), CEO, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Thomas Dent (disambiguation), multiple people with the name
  • Vernon Dent (1895–1963), American actor
  • William Barton Wade Dent (1806–1855), American politician
  • Fictional characters:

  • Arthur Dent, principal character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Random Frequent Flyer Dent, daughter of Arthur Dent
  • Hanzee Dent, character in the TV show Fargo
  • Harvey Dent (Two-Face), villain from Batman's rogue gallery
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