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Dendrobium hookerianum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Tribe  Dendrobieae
Scientific name  Dendrobium hookerianum
Rank  Species
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Subtribe  Dendrobiinae
Higher classification  Dendrobium
Dendrobium hookerianum wwworchidspeciescomorphotdirdenhookerianumjpg

Similar  Dendrobium, Orchids, Dendrobium gibsonii, Dendrobium hasseltii, Dendrobium heterocarpum

Dendrobium hookerianum is a species of orchid, native to Asia, in the genus Dendrobium.


The plant is native to the eastern Himalayas region.

It is found in Tibet, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, northeastern India in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, and China in Yunnan.


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