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Demas woodshop trailer

Demas or Demos is a man mentioned by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament of the Bible, and appears to have been involved for a time in his ministry.

Demas is mentioned in three of the canonical Pauline epistles:

  • In Philemon he is mentioned as a "fellow worker".[Philemon 1:24]
  • In Colossians he is mentioned along with Luke (the physician and writer of the Gospel of Luke and Acts).[Colossians 4:14]
  • In Second Timothy, a letter traditionally ascribed to Paul, where it is mentioned that "...for Demas, because he loved this world, he has deserted me and has gone to Thessalonica." [2Timothy 4:10a]
  • Demas is also mentioned in the non-canonical Acts of Paul and Thecla, where he is described as holding views similar to the author of Second Peter. Based on this, Dale Martin speculates that whichever one of the Acts of Paul and Thecla and the Pastoral Epistles (including Second Timothy) was written later may have been arguing against the other.


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