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Delta Film Award

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Delta Film Award

The Delta Film Award is presented annually to the best amateur film screened at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, England. Named in honour of the group of amateur film-makers whose efforts enlivened many a 1960s British science fiction convention (members included Tony Edwards and the late Harry Nadler, the founding members – with Gil Lane-Young – of the Society of Fantastic Films, which oversees the event), the Delta Film Award celebrates significant achievement by low-budget directors.

Shortly after the 2004 event, British freelance journalist Steve Green assumed the role of administrator; he'd been a judge since the early 1990s. Other judges have included the horror film director Norman J. Warren, movie journalists M J Simpson, Calum Waddell, Darrell Buxton and Tris Thompson, horror author Stephen Gallagher, former Critical Wave reviewer Ray Holloway and the actor David Hess. In addition, both Holloway and the horror author Joel Lane have assisted with the shortlisting process. Green stepped down after the 2013 competition.

The award now attracts international interest, with entries regularly from as far afield as Europe and the United States, the Far East and Scandinavia, Australia and the Middle East. Although the majority of winners have been British, reflecting the gerographic make-up of the entries, many non-UK films have received special commendations in recent years.

The following information has been researched from various sources by Steve Green and George Houston and it is, to their knowledge, as accurate as the sources suggest:

  • The recipient of the 1990 Delta Film Award was Ian Simpson (UK), for his film Mean Time.
  • The recipient of the 1991 Delta Film Award was Ian Simpson (UK), for his film Time Flies.
  • The recipient of the 1992 Delta Film Award was Ian Simpson (UK), for his film The Telephone People.
  • The recipient of the 1993 Delta Film Award was Andrew Garrison (USA), for his film Night Ride.
  • The recipient of the 1994 Delta Film Award was Simon J Frith (UK), for his film Deep In the Woods.
  • The 1995 Delta Film Award was awarded to joint winners, one of which was Blast Films (UK), for their film I Was a Fifty Foot Führer.
  • The recipient of the 1996 Delta Film Award is not known.
  • The recipient of the 1997 Delta Film Award was Andrew Muscroft (UK), for his film The Lover.
  • The recipient of the 1998 Delta Film Award was Shane Hannefey (USA), for his film The Gift.
  • The recipient of the 1999 Delta Film Award was Ben Campbell (UK), for his film Abduction.
  • The recipients of the 2000 Delta Film Award were Nova Jacobs and John Sinclair (USA), for their film Schrödinger's Cat.
  • The recipient of the 2001 Delta Film Award was Bryn Jones (Canada), for his film Jesabelle.
  • The recipient of the 2002 Delta Film Award was Al Lougher (UK), for his film I Am Peter Cushing.
  • The recipient of the 2003 Delta Film Award was Robin Burke (UK), for his film Tilted Love.
  • The recipient of the 2004 Delta Film Award was Brett Harvey, for his film The Curse.
  • The recipient of the 2005 Delta Film Award was Ross Shepherd (UK), for his film Kingdom of Shadows.
  • The recipient of the 2006 Delta Film Award was Karl Holt (UK), for his film Eddie Loves You.
  • The recipient of the 2007 Delta Film Award was Jean Luc Baillet (France), for his film Contretemps.
  • The recipient of the 2008 Delta Film Award was Matt Bloom (UK), for his film Small Things.
  • The recipient of the 2009 Delta Film Award was Kyle Stephens (USA) for McDonough.
  • The recipient of the 2010 Delta Film Award was Lucas Martell (USA) for Pigeon: Impossible.
  • The recipient of the 2011 Delta Film Award was Damian McCarthy (Eire) for Hatch.
  • The recipient of the 2012 Delta Film Award was Zoe Berriatúa (Spain) for Quedaté Conmigo.
  • The recipient of the 2013 Delta Film Award was Liam Engle (France) for Mecs Meufs.
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