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Dean of St Albans

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Dean of St Albans

The Dean of St Albans is the head of the Chapter of St Albans Cathedral in the city of St Albans, England in the Diocese of St Albans. As the Dean of St Albans is also the Rector of St Albans, with parochial responsibilities for the largest parish in the Church of England, it is regarded as one of the most senior Deaneries in the United Kingdom.

The first incumbent was Walter Lawrance and the position is currently held by Jeffrey John.

List of deans

  • 1900–1914 Walter Lawrance
  • 1914–1924 George Blenkin
  • 1925–1935 Edward Henderson
  • 1936–1955 Cuthbert Thicknesse
  • 1955–1963 Kenneth Mathews
  • 1964–1973 Noel Kennaby
  • 1973–1993 Peter Moore
  • 1994–2003 Christopher Lewis
  • 2004–present Jeffrey John
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