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David Michael Maurer

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David Maurer

Television Editor

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Full Name
David Michael Maurer

Motion Picture Television Editor, Director

Mary Maurer, Patrick Maurer, Jane Maurer

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Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Picture Editing For Nonfiction Programming

David Michael Maurer (born April 17, 1977) is an American television film editor and director. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University.

David Michael Maurer, ACE has established himself as an innovator in the world of independent cinema. His performance background and understanding of story has made him a creative asset for dramatic projects and his technical skills have helped numerous projects with the latest workflows and visual effects solutions.

Maurer's versatile career spans from the early years of reality television to contemporary scripted feature films in multiple genres. In Primetime reality television, Maurer has helped define the formats for multiple blockbuster television series and his work has been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers throughout the world. Maurer worked on the very first seasons and first episodes of such hit shows as "American Idol", "The Apprentice (U.S. TV Series)", "Oprah Winfrey's The Big Give", "Ice Cold Gold", "Mysteries at the Hotel", "Sheer Genius", "The Pool Master", "Ultimate Homes", "Epic Mancave Builds" and many more. Maurer received 2004 & 2005 Emmy Nominations for his work on "The Apprentice".

In feature films, Maurer edited the critically acclaimed "Four Sheets to the Wind" for writer/director Sterlin Harjo, which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress Tamara Podemski, as well as a Special Jury Prize for Best Actress at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2007, Maurer edited Toby Wilkins' terrifying and stylish theatrical feature "Splinter (2008 film)" which won numerous awards including Best Editing from the Screamfest Film Festival. The film received rave reviews for its performances, scares, and innovative editorial style from Variety, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, USA Today, and many more.

"Barking Water" marked Maurer's third feature film and second collaboration with Sterlin Harjo, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009. The film and cast won multiple awards at film festivals worldwide.

Maurer's work on "Whale Wars" for Animal Planet and Lizard Trading Company earned him and the editing team two ACE Eddie Award Nominations.

In addition to editing, he has directed/produced multiple television pilots, supervised visual effects for multiple film and television projects, studied Meisner Acting technique with film/television coach Andrew Benne and story with Hollywood guru Robert McKee.


Editing Credits

Feature Films
Traces (2016) Written and Directed by Matthew Currie Holmes
Barking Water (2009 film) Written and Directed by Sterlin Harjo, 2009 Sundance Film Festival
Splinter (2008 film) Directed by Toby Wilkins
"Four Sheets to the Wind" (2007) Directed by Sterlin Harjo, 2007 Sundance Film Festival Award Winner

"Bait Car" (2011)
"Pit Bulls and Parolees" (2010)
"Bachelor Pad (2010)
"Whale Wars" (2010-2011) Season 3, Season 4
"Jockeys (TV series) (2009) Episodes 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7
"Oprah's Big Give" (2008) Edited Episodes 2, 3, 4. Solo Credit on Episode 4
"Shear Genius" (2007)
"Big Brother (USA season 7)" (2006) "All Stars Casting Special"
The Legacy of Dr. Seuss (2005)
Glowsticks & Drumsticks (2004)
"The Apprentice" U.S. Seasons 1-5; Emmy Nominated for Seasons 1 & 2
Write On! Printing (2004)
"Napa Style with Michael Chiarello" (2004)
"The Next Joe Millionaire" (2003)
"Paradise Hotel" (2003)
"Profiles from the Front Line" (2003)
"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (2002)
Blackmailing Santa (2002)
"Truth" (2000)

Directing Credits

Write On! Printing (2004)
Blackmailing Santa (2002)
The Big Set-Up (2002)
The Mystery of Cobblestone Way (2000)

Producing Credits

The Legacy of Dr. Seuss (2005)
Write On! Printing (2004)
Blackmailing Santa (2002)
The Mystery of Cobblestone Way (2000)


Eddie Award Nomination 2011 Best Editing Reality Series Whale Wars Season 3: Vendetta
Screamfest Horror Film Festival Winner Best Editing (2008) "Splinter (2008 film)"
Emmy Award Nomination (2005) "The Apprentice"
Emmy Award Nomination (2004) "The Apprentice"
Cine Golden Eagle award "Blackmailing Santa" (2002)


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