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David Malament

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Name  David Malament

Role  Philosopher
David Malament facultysitesuciedumalamentfiles201409dmala
Thesis  Does the causal structure of space-time determine its geometry (1975)
Doctoral students  Jeremy Butterfield, Jon Jarrett, Erik Curiel, John Byron Manchak, James Owen Weatherall
Books  Topics in the Foundations of General Relativity and Newtonian Gravitation Theory
Alma mater  Columbia College of Columbia University in the City of New York, Rockefeller University

David B. Malament (born 1947) is an American philosopher of science, specializing in the philosophy of physics.


Malament attended Stuyvesant High School and received a B.A. in mathematics 1968 at Columbia College, Columbia University and Ph.D. in philosophy 1975 at Rockefeller University. After teaching for nearly a quarter-century at the University of Chicago, Malament left to become Distinguished Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the University of California, Irvine, where he is now emeritus. His book Topics in the Foundations of General Relativity and Newtonian Gravitation Theory (Chicago, 2012) was awarded the 2014 Lakatos Award.

Malament's work focuses the conceptual foundations of the special and general theories of relativity. Regarding whether simultaneity in special relativity, the Einstein synchronisation is conventional, Malament argues against conventionalism and is regarded by some as having refuted Adolf Grünbaum's argument for conventionalism. Grünbaum, as well as Sahotra Sarkar and John Stachel, don't agree, whereas Robert Rynasiewicz sides with Malament.

During the Vietnam War Malament was a conscientious objector to the draft, spending time in jail for refusing induction into the military. He published an article on the subject of selective conscientious objection in an early issue of the journal Philosophy and Public Affairs.


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