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Daurian hedgehog

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Eulipotyphla
Genus  Mesechinus
Length  15 – 20 cm (Adult)
Higher classification  Mesechinus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Erinaceidae
Scientific name  Mesechinus dauuricus
Mass  600 g (Adult)
Rank  Species
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Similar  Mesechinus, Hedgehog, Hugh's hedgehog, Indian hedgehog, Somali hedgehog

The Daurian hedgehog (Mesechinus dauuricus) is a solitary small hedgehog. It is listed in the Red book of Russian Federation as a protected species with an unclear status, generally considered to be endangered, although the IUCN lists it as "least concern". It populates the Transbaikal region of Russia (this region is sometimes called Dauria, hence the name) and Northern Mongolia. It lives in dens and inhabits both forests and steppes. The adult Daurian hedgehog is 15 to 20 centimeters long and weighs up to 1 kilogram (usually around 600 grams). Most live up to six years in nature. Like most hedgehog species in temperate regions, the Daurian hibernates during the winter.

Daurian hedgehog A Living hedgehogPhotograph of the Daurian Hedgehog M Openi

After introduction and extensive use of pesticides in mid-1960s, the Russian population of the Daurian hedgehog suffered a major loss. Since that time, the species seems to have had a modest recovery, although the population has not yet returned to its original size. Currently, it seems to be moving northwards and closer to cities due to more abundant food, less danger from agricultural activities and newfound human tolerance for their presence. Cases of successfully starting new populations by artificially moving several adults to new areas have been reported. Due to the low population density of the region the complete status of this species is unclear.

Daurian hedgehog Russian culture Daurian hedgehog Russian culture

Some scientists put the Daurian hedgehog into the genus Hemiechinus.

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