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Das Taublatt

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Discipline  Botany
Edited by  Carsten Paul
Frequency  Triannual
Language  German
Publication history  1984–present
Das Taublatt
Publisher  Gesellschaft für fleischfressende Pflanzen im deutschsprachigen Raum (Germany)

Das Taublatt is a triannual German-language periodical based in Bochum and the official publication of Gesellschaft für fleischfressende Pflanzen im deutschsprachigen Raum, a carnivorous plant society based in Germany. Typical articles include matters of horticultural interest, field reports, and new taxon descriptions. The journal was established in 1984. It publishes in full colour on glossy paper, with each issue numbering around 52 pages.

Taxon descriptions

Das Taublatt published the formal descriptions of Heliamphora glabra, Heliamphora pulchella, Nepenthes mantalingajanensis, and Nepenthes viridis, as well as the ant plant Hydnophytum caminiferum. It also originated the varietal name Pinguicula ehlersiae var. albiflora, which is a nomen nudum. Three Venus Flytrap cultivar names were first published in the journal: Dionaea muscipula 'Green Dragon', Dionaea muscipula 'Holland Red', and Dionaea muscipula 'Red Burgundy'.


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