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Spouse  Amyntas IV of Macedon
Parents  Philip II of Macedon
Name  Cynane Cynane
Cousins  Amyntas IV of Macedon

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Role  Alexander the Great's sister
Siblings  Alexander the Great, Philip III of Macedon
Grandparents  Amyntas III of Macedon, Eurydice I of Macedon
Uncles  Alexander II of Macedon, Perdiccas III of Macedon
Similar People  Philip II of Macedon, Alexander the Great, Philip III of Macedon, Cleopatra of Macedon, Olympias

Cynane (Greek: Kυνάνη, Kynane or Κύνα, Kyna; killed 323 BC) was half-sister to Alexander the Great, and daughter of Philip II by Audata, an Illyrian princess.

Audata trained her daughter in riding, hunting, and fighting in the Illyrian tradition. Her father gave her in marriage to her cousin Amyntas, by whose death she was left a widow in 336 BC. In the following year Alexander promised her hand, as a reward for his services, to Langarus, king of the Agrianians, but the intended bridegroom became ill and died.

Cynane continued unmarried, and employed herself in the education of her daughter, Adea or Eurydice, whom she is said to have trained, after the manner of her own education, in martial exercises. When her half brother Philip Arrhidaeus was chosen king in 323 BC, Cynane determined to marry Eurydice to him, and crossed over to Asia accordingly.

Her influence was probably great, and her project alarmed Perdiccas and Antipater, the former of whom sent his brother Alcetas to meet her on her way and put her to death. Alcetas did so in defiance of the feelings of his troops, and Cynane met her doom with an undaunted spirit. Eurydice's wedding took place, but both daughter and son-in-law were eventually killed by Olympias. In 317 BC, Cassander, after defeating Olympias, buried Cynane with Eurydice and Arrhidaeus at Aegae, the royal burying-place.

Polyaenus writes, "Cynane, the daughter of Philip was famous for her military knowledge: she conducted armies, and in the field charged at the head of them. In an engagement with the Illyrians, she with her own hand slew Caeria their queen; and with great slaughter defeated the Illyrian army."

In popular culture

  • She appears as a character in the historical novel Funeral Games by Mary Renault. Renault calls her Kyna.
  • She appears as a playable commander in the video game Total War: Arena.
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