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Kingdom  Animalia
Clade  Cycloneuralia
Higher classification  Ecdysozoa
Superphylum  Ecdysozoa
Scientific name  Cycloneuralia
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Lower classifications  Priapulida, Kinorhyncha

Cycloneuralia is a clade of ecdysozoan animals including the Scalidophora (Kinorhynchans, Loriciferans, Priapulids) and the Nematoida (Nematodes, Nematomorphs). It may be paraphyletic, or may be a sister group to Panarthropoda. Or perhaps Panarthropoda is paraphyletic with respect to Cycloneuralia (see Dunn, et al., 2008; Dunn, CW; Hejnol, A; Matus, DQ; Pang, K; Browne, WE; Smith, SA; Seaver, E; Rouse, GW; et al. (2008). "Broad phylogenomic sampling improves resolution of the animal tree of life". Nature 452 (7188): 745–749.). The group has also been considered a single phylum, sometimes given the old name Nemathelminthes.

The name derives from the position of the brain around the pharynx.


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