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Cultural Summer of Zvornik

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The Cultural Summer of Zvornik (Zvorni─Źko kulturno ljeto) is an annual event held in the first week of August and usually lasts for six days. Its main objective is to become a traditional cultural event which will open the doors of Zvornik for recognized cultural values.

The festival was first held in August 2001 as a local event and until now (2015) it grew up to one of to biggest festivals on the Balkans.

In 2007, famous singers such as Neda Ukraden and Sandi Cenov participated, but in 2008 this festival managed to feature some of the most notable stars from former Yugoslavia, like Zeljko Joksimovic, Hari Mata Hari, Van Gogh, Marinko Rokvic and others.

Music is not the only thing that this fest offers, there is also a regatta on the river Drina, a fun marathon and many cultural events and competitions during day and night.


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