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Cullen (surname)

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Cullen is a surname of Gaelic origin. It is thought to be derived from the pre 8th century Old Gaelic name O' Cuileannain, with the prefix O' indicating a male descendant of, plus the personal byname Cuilleannain. The name seems to be related to Cullinane. While Cullen is encountered primarily in Dublin and southeast Ireland, Cullinan/Cullinane used almost exclusively in western Ireland on a North-South-Axis from Galway to Cork. A distribution map of the name has been processed on a genealogy site.



A Cullenite is a follower of any man named Cullen. Notable Cullens to have followers referred to as Cullenites include Scottish physician William Cullen and particularly Paul Cardinal Cullen, archbishop of Dublin and the first cardinal from Ireland. Notable Cullenites who followed Cardinal Cullen included George Joseph Plunket Browne, Bishop of Elphin, and Patrick Francis Moran, archbishop of Sidney and the first cardinal from Australia; indeed, "Cullenite" is used as an adjective in the phrases "Cullenite network" (used to describe a group of bishops who had been students of or were related to Cardinal Cullen, and many of whom became highly influential in the churches of Australia and New Zealand) and "the Cullenite church", used to describe the Irish church until the 1960, a church strongly allied to the "rural bourgeoisie" and the rising class of what are called "strong-farmers".

Persons with the surname

  • Adam Cullen, Australian artist
  • Alexander Lamb Cullen (1920–2013), British electrical engineer
  • Alice Cullen, UK politician
  • Andrew Cullen, Irish pirate, brother of Pierce Cullen, one of Philip Roche's crew
  • Archibald Howard Cullen, former bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa
  • Bill Cullen, American game show host
  • Bill Cullen, Irish businessman and philanthropist
  • Brett Cullen, American actor
  • Bud Cullen, Canadian Federal Court judge
  • Charles Cullen, former nurse and convicted serial killer
  • Christian Cullen, New Zealand rugby union player
  • Countee Cullen, African American poet of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Dan Cullen, Australian cricketer
  • Edgar M. Cullen, Chief Judge of the NY Court of Appeals 1904–1913
  • Eric Cullen, Scottish comedy actor
  • Geoff Cullen (born 1977), Australian cricketer
  • Gordon Cullen CBE, English architect
  • Hugh Roy Cullen, independent Houston oil man and philanthropist
  • Jack Cullen, American baseball pitcher
  • James Cullen, described Cullen numbers
  • James Cullen, founder of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association
  • James P. Cullen, US brigadier general
  • Joe Cullen, defensive line coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Joe Cullen (darts player) (born 1989), English darts player
  • John Cullen, several people
  • Jonathan Cullen, English actor
  • Joseph Cullen, Australian politician
  • Leo Cullen, Irish rugby union player
  • Matt Cullen, NHL hockey player
  • Martin Cullen, Irish politician
  • Maurice Cullen, English boxer
  • Michael Cullen, several people
  • Mick Cullen, Scottish footballer
  • Mortimer A. Cullen (1891–1954), New York politician
  • Nathan Cullen, Canadian Member of Parliament
  • John Michael Cullen, Australian ornithologist
  • John Paul Cullen, photographer
  • Paul Cullen, 19th-century Irish cardinal
  • Paul Cullen, Well known NZ contemporary Artist
  • Paul Cullen, rugby league coach
  • Peter Cullen, voice actor most famous as Optimus Prime from Transformers
  • Pierce Cullen, Irish pirate, brother of Andrew Cullen, one of Philip Roche's crew
  • Robert Cullen, Irish-Japanese football (soccer) player
  • Sarah Cullen, British television journalist
  • Seán Cullen, Canadian comedian
  • Thomas H. Cullen, United States Representative
  • Tim Cullen, United States baseball player
  • Timothy Cullen, Wisconsin State Senate
  • Tina Cullen, English field hockey player
  • William Cullen, 18th-century Scottish doctor and chemist
  • William Cullen, Baron Cullen of Whitekirk (born 1935), Lord President of Scotland's Court of Session
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