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Cub Scouts (Australia)

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Country  Australia
Founder  Lord Baden Powell
Founded  1908
Membership  84 000

Cub Scouts is the section of Scouts Australia for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 (inclusive), often known simply as 'Cubs'. The Cub Scout section follows after Joey Scouts and is before Scouts. Cub Scouts wear a uniform shirt with navy blue panels, and yellow shoulders.


The Cub Scout section draws largely from the Jungle Book. Leaders are usually given names based on characters from the story, such as Akela, Bagheera or Baloo.

Pack organisation

The Cub Scout Pack is usually composed of several adult leaders, and several sixes of approximately six children. The leader of a six is called a Sixer, an older cub scout in the pack. Second in command of a six is a Second. Each week the sixes take turns to be in charge of some of the packs activities, such as selecting some of the games to play, and taking charge of the parade. Each six wears a distinctive colour patch on their uniform based on the six Wolf Cubs from the Jungle Book: Tawney Fur, Black Plume, Grey Brother, Red Fang, White Claw, and Brown Tip.

Pack councils

The Pack Council is an informal meeting of Leaders and the Sixers, and often Seconds (although any member of the pack can be invited). It is to discuss things such as schedules for the following term, what activities or camp we liked or disliked during the term and what we would like to try in the future.


Cub Scout Promise


Cub Scout Law

Cub Scout Prayer


There are three levels of boomerangs - the bronze, silver and gold boomerangs. These boomerangs are obtained by completing mandatory sections in The Cub Scout Record Book, and a selection of elective activities. As a general guideline, the bronze boomerang is completed by cub scouts of eight years of age, the silver by cub scouts nine years of age, and the gold by cub scouts 10 years of age. Boomerang badges are worn on the left sleeve of the uniform.

Achievement Badges

There are 34 different Achievement Badges that cub scouts can complete, arranged into four different categories; Arts and Literature, Nature, Science and Technology, Sports and Recreation and Our World. Each badge has two levels, and either can be completed on their own. Achievement badges are worn on the right sleeve of the uniform.

Grey Wolf Award

Formerly called the Yellow Cord, this is the highest level badge a cub scout can earn, and is akin to the Australian Scout Medallion for Scouts, Queen Scout Award for Venturers, or Baden Powell Scout Award for Rovers. The requirement for this badge, which is the transition phase to becoming a Scout, is leadership of the Cub Scout pack.

It involves being awarded the Gold Boomerang, attending a series of outdoor activities, two pack councils, 4 x Level 2 Achievement badges with one from each of the different categories, a Special Interest Badge (six options) and a resource or game that can be presented to your pack.

The badge consists of a wolf's head superimposed on an orange and blue boarded diamond, and is placed on the left sleeve on the uniform.

The Grey Wolf Award may be worn on the Scout Shirt until the Scout achieves their Pioneer Badge.

Grey Wolf Hike

The Grey Wolf hike is a hike taken by cub scouts that want to obtain the Grey Wolf Award. They have to plan and lead a walk, with at least 3 cubs following along, for a minimum of 2 km and for approximately 2 hours. This hike is one of the biggest challenge and one of the most important thing needed to complete your Grey Wolf Award.


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