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Crow Hollow

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Director  Michael McCarthy
Distributor  Eros Films
Country  United Kingdom
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Thriller
Language  English
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Release date  1952
Based on  novel by Dorothy Eden
Writer  Dorothy Eden (novel), Vivian Milroy
Cast  Donald Houston (Dr. Robert Amour), Natasha Parry (Ann Amour), Patricia Owens (Willow, Opal's Companion (as Pat Owens)), Esma Cannon (Aunt Judith)
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Crow Hollow is a 1952 British drama film directed by Michael McCarthy and starring Donald Houston, Natasha Parry and Patricia Owens. It is based on the 1950 novel Crow Hollow by Dorothy Eden.

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The movie was shot at Merton Park Studios.

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Ann, a young woman, falls in love with and marries Robert (Bob), a doctor. She goes to live with him on his family estate, Crow Hollow with his eccentric three aunts - who he is obliged to provide a home for as a condition of ownership of the estate.

She becomes increasingly concerned about incidents and the behaviour of his three aunts and an attractive young maid, Willow. On one occasion a large poisonous spider jumps on her from a box whilst her hair is being made, on another she becomes suddenly and seriously ill immediately after eating some bitter tasting soup served her by Judith, one of the aunts. She bcecomes convinced that somebody is trying to kill her, and as her husband refuses to live anywhere else: bribing the maid with a gift of clothes, slips out of the house with a suitcase intending to leave by train. She is met before boarding the train by a friend, who persuades her to return home - entering her own bedroom, she finds the maid dead - stabbed in the back whilst sat at the dressing table wearing the dress Ann had just given her.

Police come to the house and quiz Ann. They are suspicious that Ann's belief that she was the intended victim is untrue because, despite the dress, she and the maid had different hair colours. An old rumour is mentioned that the maid, who had been adopted locally, was the child of a gardener at Crow Hollow. The police prohibit anybody - save Robert on professional calls - from leaving Crow Hollow whilst the murder is investigated.

Ann and Robert form a theory that Willow had been wearing a hat at the dressing table, concealing the colour of her hair, confirming in their minds that Ann had been the intended victim. To assure Ann, Dianna, her friend comes to stay in the house.

Judith tells Robert that there is a phone call calling him out to a medical case. Ann realizes that the phone had not rung and stops him from leaving. Aunt Opal tries to serve her coffee whilst they discuss Ann's suspicions - Ann refuses to drink it, believing the coffee poisoned. Robert is about to drink it, but changes his mind. In the subsequent argument, Opal admits that she had killed Willow inadvertently - her illegitimate daughter, meaning to kill Ann. Her plan had been that Robert would marry Willow, keeping Crow Hollow fully in the family. Robert takes Ann from the room saying that they are going to call the police. Opal picks up the cup of poisoned coffee and drinks it - Robert saying to his wife outside the door "it's better this way".

Later, when things had settled down, Robert is about to apply for a hospital doctor's post elsewhere, when Ann tears up the application, saying she is now happy at Crow Hollow and wishes to stay there.


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