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Crossroads (medieval village)

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Crossroads is an historical medieval era focused communal site, established and run by a cooperative. Its aim is to re create a medieval village on the site, and to establish co-operative style dwellings.



The origins of the cooperative emerged in 1991 and by September 1992 the 26 foundation members of the project formed a non-profit co-operative. By 1994 enough funds had been raised through members and supporters to buy a good-sized block of land. Monthly working bees over the years have built graded roads, camping sites and a dam. east of Yass in New South Wales, Australia. In addition to the work by the cooperative members, users of the land have also added to the site with some improvements.

The Site

The site currently is currently 183 hectares, a third of which is forested, east of Yass, New South Wales, Australia. Currently the site has a medieval Guild Hall, which was built in 2008, as well as a small residence for the site manager.


The site for a number of years hosted the Rowany Festival a large medieval Festival held by the medieval living History group the Kingdom of Lochac, the Australian branch of the SCA (some members of whom are also involved in the Co-operative). This event saw upwards of 1000 re-enactors on the site, over the Easter period. Other medieval events have been held on site, including medieval food and wine themed events. A medieval Guild Hall was built on site in 2006. This structure was based on mid 15th style architecture, with modifications for Australian conditions, based on availability of materials, and consideration of local fire hazards. Apart from the Guild Hall, the site has been developed with the addition of a small bridge, some basic roads and a residence for the site keeper. Some permaculture projects have been undertaken on site, after successful application for a government grant for these works.

Castle/Village Project

The Cooperative eventually aim to establish a small village, with a medieval theme and general appearance, but with some degree of modern comfort. Eventual goal of the cooperative is to build a full sized mid-15th-century-style village, inspired by the medieval French mountain village of Chalencon. This would eventually include a castle, surrounded by typical buildings of a functioning medieval village. A wooden barn and the townspeople's homes would be built for the project, in addition to the buildings already on site. east of Yass in New South Wales, Australia. There is also a general aim to use the site as a general focal point for artisans interested in medieval arts and crafts. Co operative members could live on site as a community


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