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Crosman Pumpmaster 760

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Place of origin  United States
Designed  1964
Unit cost  USD 25.00± - 39.99±
Designer  Crosman
Manufacturer  Crosman
Type  (Variable) Multi-Pump Pneumatic Air Rifle

The Crosman Pumpmaster 760, or Crosman 760 Pumpmaster, is an American-made multi-pump pneumatic Air Gun that is manufactured for target shooting, plinking, and small pest control. The Crosman 760 Pumpmaster is a BB gun with more than 12 million copies sold. It has a caliber of .177 and can shoot up to 645 fps for BBs and 615 for Pellets. Pellets are loaded into a 5-shot clip, while BBs have an 18-shot magazine, which is fed from the 200-shot reservoir. It comes standard with a fiber optic front sight, but can accommodate a scope on the 3/8in dovetail railing on top of the receiver. The rear sight is a notch sight and is adjustable for elevation using a 5-rail elevator piece.


This gun may be used for hunting small pests, up to small game. The 760 Pumpmaster is very accurate for a weapon with a non-rifled barrel, and is capable of hitting a target at ranges of up to 50 yards. Firing a pellet at 600 feet per second (180 m/s), this weapon is able to effectively dispatch small game such as rabbit or squirrel at ranges not extending beyond 40-60 yards.


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