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Cronin, the anglicisation of Ó Cróinín, is an Irish surname which originated in County Cork and is derived from the Old Irish word crón, meaning saffron-colored. The Cronin family have been prominent in politics and the arts in Ireland, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom since the nineteenth century.

List of people surnamed Cronin

  • A. J. Cronin (Archibald Joseph Cronin, 1896–1981), Scottish novelist
  • Anthony Cronin (1928–2016), Irish poet
  • Barth S. Cronin (1858–1933), New York politician
  • Bernard Cronin (1884–1968), Australian author and journalist
  • Breeda Moynihan-Cronin (b. 1953), Irish politician
  • Brendan Cronin (disambiguation), several people
  • Cornelius Cronin (1838–1912), Medal of Honor recipient during the American Civil War
  • Daniel Cronin (b. 1959), Illinois State Senator
  • Daniel Anthony Cronin (b. 1927), Archbishop Emeritus of Hartford
  • David Edward Cronin (1839–1925), American painter
  • Deverick John Cronin (1911–1979), Australian rules football player and commentator
  • Doreen Cronin, artist of Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type and Diary of a Worm
  • Glenn Cronin (b. 1981), Irish footballer
  • Gráinne Cronin (b 1953), Irish airline pilot
  • Helena Cronin, English philosopher
  • Henry Cronin (1894–1977), British civil engineer and army officer
  • Jack Cronin (American football) (1903–1993), American football player
  • James Cronin (1931–2016), American nuclear physicist
  • Jeremy Cronin (b. 1949), South African politician
  • Jerry Cronin (1925–1990), Irish politician
  • Jim Cronin (disambiguation), several people
  • Joe Cronin (1906–1984), American baseball player
  • John Cronin (disambiguation), several people
  • Justin Cronin, American author
  • Keith Cronin (b. 1986), Irish rally driver
  • Kevin Cronin (b. 1951), lead singer of arena rock band REO Speedwagon
  • Lance Cronin (b. 1985), English footballer
  • Leroy "Lee" Cronin (b. 1973), British academic (chemistry)
  • Mikal Cronin (b. 1985), American singer-songwriter
  • Paul Cronin (b. 1938), former owner of the Brisbane Bears
  • Paul W. Cronin (1938–1997), member of the U. S. House of Representatives from the state of Massachusetts
  • Peter Cronin (b. 1947), Australian Test cricket umpire
  • R. F. Patrick Cronin (1926–2007), former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University and healthcare consultant
  • Rich Cronin (1975–2010), American singer and songwriter
  • Sam Cronin (b. 1986), American soccer player
  • Seán Cronin Chief of Staff of the IRA
  • Sean Cronin Irish Rugby International
  • Steve Cronin (b. 1983), American soccer player
  • Thomas Cronin, former president of Whitman College
  • Vincent Cronin (1924–2011), British historical writer
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