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Croall Lectures

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Authors  John Tulloch, William Milligan, John Caird

The Croall Lectures are a lecture series in Christian theology given in Edinburgh, and founded in 1875. The Lectures were endowed by John Croall of Southfield, who died in 1872.


  • 1876 John Tulloch
  • 1878–79 John Caird, Philosophy of Religion
  • 1879–80 William Milligan, The Resurrection of Our Lord
  • 1882 Archibald Hamilton Charteris, The New Testament Scriptures: their claims, history, and authority
  • 1885 John Cunningham, The Growth of the Church
  • 1887 Robert Flint, Agnosticism
  • 1889 Archibald Scott, Buddhism and Christianity; a Parallel and a Contrast
  • 1892 William Hastie, The Theology of the Reformed Church
  • 1893–94 James Robertson, Poetry and Religion of the Psalms
  • 1897 Thomas Nicol, Recent Archaeology and the Bible
  • 1899 John Patrick, Clement of Alexandria
  • 1901–02 Alexander Stewart, Creeds and Churches: Studies in Symbolics
  • 1903–04 William Straton Bruce, Social Aspects of Christian Morality
  • 1907–08 Andrew Wallace Williamson, The Person of Christ in the Faith of the Church
  • 1911–12 George Milligan, The New Testament Documents, their origin and early history
  • 1912–13 Andrew Blair Wann, The Message of Christ to India
  • 1913? James Nicoll Ogilvie
  • 1914 Archibald Robert Stirling Kennedy
  • 1916 James Cooper
  • 1918–19 William Leslie Davidson, Recent Theistic Discussion
  • 1920–21 William Alexander Curtis'
  • 1923 David Miller Kay, The Semitic Religions
  • 1925 H. M. B. Reid, The Holy Spirit and the Mystics
  • 1926–27 Henry Johnstone Wotherspoon, Religious Values in the Sacraments
  • 1928 J. Garrow Duncan, Digging Up Biblical History. Recent Archaeology In Palestine And Its Bearing On The Old Testament
  • 1930–31, Alexander Hetherwick, The Gospel and the African
  • 1933 Hugh Ross Mackintosh, Types of Modern Theology, Schleiermacher to Barth
  • 1936 Otto Piper, God in History
  • 1937 George Simpson Duncan, Jesus, Son of Man: studies contributory to a modern portrait
  • 1938–39 William Spence Urquhart. Humanism and Christianity
  • 1942 Leonard Hodgson, The Doctrine of the Trinity
  • 1944 John Henderson Seaforth Burleigh, The City of God; a study of St. Augustine's philosophy
  • 1948 John A. Mackay, Ephesians
  • 1948 John Mackenzie, Two Religions. A Comparative Study of Some Distinctive Ideas and Ideals in Hinduism and Christianity
  • 1949 William Dickie Niven, Reformation Principles after Four Centuries
  • 1951 George Stuart Hendry, The Gospel of the Incarnation
  • 1953 James Brown, Subject and Object in Modern Theology
  • 1954–57 George Barclay, The Ethical Vocabulary of Saint Paul
  • 1955 John Gervase Riddell, The Calling of God
  • 1960 James Stevenson McEwen, The Faith of John Knox
  • 1960–61 Martin Andrew Simpson, Defender of the Faith, etcetera Elizabeth of England, her Church and Parliament, 1558–59
  • 1965 David Haxton Carswell Read, Christian Ethics
  • 1967, William Neil, The Apostolic Age, published as The Truth about the Early Church
  • 1970 James Barr, The Bible in the Modern World
  • 1972 Matthew Black, A Survey of Christological Thought, 1872-1972
  • 1980 T. E. Pollard, Fullness of Humanity: Christ's Humanness and Ours
  • 1987 David S. M. Hamilton, Through the Waters: Baptism and the Christian life
  • 2005 John Barton, The Nature of Biblical Criticism
  • 2011 Bruce Lindley McCormack, Abandoned by God: The Death of Christ in Systematic, Historical and Exegetical Perspective
  • 2013 Marilynne Robinson, Son of God, Son of Man
  • DWD Shaw
  • Frances Young
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