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Crenadactylus ocellatus

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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Lacertilia
Subfamily  Diplodactylinae
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Scaled reptiles
Class  Reptilia
Family  Gekkonidae
Scientific name  Crenadactylus ocellatus
Rank  Species
Crenadactylus ocellatus httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Genus  Crenadactylus Dixon & Kluge, 1964
Similar  Pseudothecadactylus, Oedura rhombifer, Beaked gecko, Amalosia, Lucasium stenodactylum

Crenadactylus ocellatus is the smallest species of nocturnal Gekkonidae (gecko) found in Australia. Their most obvious distinguishing feature is the lack of terminal claws on the digits. They are the only Australian members of Gekkonidae to lack these, and are known there as clawless geckos. They are currently the sole species of the genus Crenadactylus.

Emdemic to Australia, Crenadactylus ocellatus is distributed in a range from the northeast to the southwest of the country, and found on stony ground or in Triodia-dominated deserts. It occurs in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. They are recorded on various islands, including the Houtman Abrolhos in the west. C. ocellatus a ground-dwelling gecko; its habitat is leaf litter, rubbish piles, and beneath rocks. It is sometimes found in the lower parts of hummock grass.


The different forms of this monotypic genus are currently treated as subspecies, a revision is likely to elevate these to species and create new taxa.

  • C. ocellatus
  • C. o. bilineatus
  • C. o. horni arid central west
  • C. o. naso
  • C. o. ocellatus - southwest
  • C. o. rostralis
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