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Craven (surname)

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Craven is the surname of:

  • Avery Craven (1885–1980), American historian
  • Beverley Craven (born 1963), British singer and songwriter
  • Danie Craven (1910–1993), South African rugby union player, national coach, rugby administrator, academic and author
  • Danny Craven (born 1967), former Australian rules footballer
  • Danny Craven (rugby league) (born 1991), English rugby league player
  • Greg Craven (academic) (born 1958), Vice-Chancellor of the Australian Catholic University
  • Greg Craven (teacher), climate change activist known for YouTube viral video
  • James Craven (disambiguation)
  • John Craven (disambiguation)
  • Joseph Craven (disambiguation)
  • Kyle Craven (born 1989), American internet celebrity
  • Lyndley Craven (1945–2014), Australian botanist
  • Margaret Craven (politician) (born 1944), American state senator in Maine
  • Margaret Craven (writer) (1901–1980), American author
  • Matt Craven (born 1956), Canadian actor
  • Murray Craven (born 1964), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Peter Craven (1934–1963), English motorcycle racer
  • Peter Craven (literary critic), Australian writer
  • Philip Craven (born 1950), British sports administrator, president of the International Paralympic Committee
  • Ricky Craven (born 1966), American NASCAR driver
  • Robert Craven (born 1955), American politician
  • Thomas Tingey Craven (rear admiral) (1808–1887), United States Navy officer who served in the Civil War
  • Thomas Tingey Craven (US Navy admiral) (1873–1950), United States Navy officer who served in World Wars I and II, grandson of the above
  • Tunis Craven (1813–1864), U.S. naval officer, brother of Thomas Tingey Craven
  • T.A.M. Craven (1893–1972), U.S. naval officer and FCC commissioner
  • Wes Craven (1939–2015), American film director
  • William Craven (disambiguation)
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