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Crataegus section Coccineae

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Rosaceae
Section  Coccineae Loudon
Order  Rosales
Genus  Crataegus
Crataegus section Coccineae

Section Coccineae is a section within the genus Crataegus that includes the majority of North American hawthorn diversity. It includes at least 20 series as well as some species that have not yet been assigned to series.


Series in section Coccineae include:

  • Aestivales
  • Apricae
  • Bracteatae
  • Coccineae
  • Crus-galli
  • Dilatatae
  • Greggianae
  • Intricatae
  • Lacrimatae
  • Madrenses
  • Molles
  • Parvifoliae
  • Populneae
  • Pruinosae
  • Pulcherrimae
  • Punctatae
  • Rotundifoliae
  • Tenuifoliae
  • Triflorae
  • Virides
  • Two more series are sometimes included within section Coccineae:

  • Anomalae
  • Macracanthae
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