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Cozumel Island coati

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Mammalia
Family  Procyonidae
Scientific name  Nasua nelsoni
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Carnivora
Genus  Nasua
Rank  Species
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Similar  Cozumel raccoon, White‑nosed coati, Nasuella, Nasuella olivacea, Tres Marias raccoon

Invasion of cozumel island coati

The Cozumel Island coati (Nasua narica nelsoni) is a coati from the Mexican island of Cozumel. It is in the family Procyonidae, which also includes raccoons, olingos, and kinkajous. It has been treated as a species, but the vast majority of recent authorities treat it as a subspecies of the white-nosed coati. Cozumel Island coatis are slightly smaller than the white-nosed coatis of the adjacent mainland (N. n. yucatanica); but, when compared more widely to white-nosed coatis, the difference in size is not as clear. The level of other differences also support its status as a subspecies rather than a separate species.


Cozumel Island coati Pygmy or Cozumel raccoon the Cozumel Island coati the olinguito

It has been speculated that it is the result of an ancient introduction to Cozumel by the Mayans, Although not rated by the IUCN (where included in the widespread white-nosed coati), it is believed that the Cozumel Island coati is highly threatened and close to extinction.

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Cozumel Island coati Minden Pictures stock photos Cozumel Island Coati Nasua narica


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