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Cow (disambiguation)

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Cow is the nickname for cattle, and the name of adult female cattle.


Cow, cows or COW may also refer to:

Science and technology

  • Cow, an adult female of several animals
  • Distillation cow, a piece of glassware that allows fractions to be collected without breaking vacuum
  • Cell on wheels, a means of providing temporary mobile phone network coverage
  • Cluster of Workstations
  • Cold work, in metallurgy
  • Copy-on-write, in computing
  • Circle of Willis, a connection that supplies blood to the brain
  • Film and television

  • Cow (film), a 2009 Chinese film
  • Cow (public service announcement), an anti texting while driving public service announcement
  • Cows (TV series), a pilot and cancelled television sitcom produced by Eddie Izzard for Channel 4 in 1997
  • The Cow (film), a 1969 Iranian film
  • Vacas (English: Cows), a 1991 Spanish film
  • Cow, character in the animated series Cow and Chicken
  • Computer Originated World, referring to the globe ID the BBC1 TV network used from 1985 to 1991
  • Music

  • Cows (band), noise rock band from Minneapolis
  • Other

  • Cows, a 1998 novel by Matthew Stokoe
  • "Cows", a song by Grandaddy from their 1992 album Prepare to Bawl
  • The Cows, a fictional character from the novel Animal Farm
  • Cows!, the title of a children's story from the Railway Series book Edward the Blue Engine by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry
  • Al-Baqara, the second and longest sura of the Qur'an, usually translated as “The Cow”
  • Places

  • City of Westminster, an Inner London borough
  • City of Winnipeg, a city in manitoba, Canada
  • Cowdenbeath railway station, Scotland, by National Rail station code
  • College of Wooster, a liberal arts college in Ohio, US
  • Military

  • Coalition of the willing, collective participants in military interventions that fall outside of United Nations peacekeeping operations
  • Correlates of War, an academic study
  • Cost of war
  • Coventry Ordnance Works, a former British gun manufacturer
  • Other uses

  • Can of worms (disambiguation)
  • Cerritos On Wheels, municipal bus service operated by the City of Cerritos, California
  • Crude oil washing
  • Cows (ice cream), a Canadian ice cream brand
  • Cow, part of a cow-calf railroad locomotive set
  • References

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