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Count of Osorno

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Count of Osorno

Count of Osorno is a Spanish hereditary peerage which was granted on 31 August 1445 by John II of Castile to Gabriel Fernández Manrique, first Duke of Galisteo (1451), son of Garci Fernandez Manrique, first Count of Castañeda.

On the death in 1675 of Ana Apolonia Manrique de Lara, 8th countess, and in the absence of an heir, the title went to the House of Alba, who is currently still holding it.

The name of the peerage refers to the municipality of Osorno la Mayor, in the province of Palencia, Castile and León, Spain.

List of the Counts of Osorno

  1. Gabriel Fernández Manrique (died 1482)
  2. Pedro Fernández Manrique y Vivero (died 1515)
  3. García Fernández Manrique (died 1546)
  4. Pedro Fernández Manrique y Cabrera (died 1569)
  5. García Fernández Manrique y Córdoba (died 1587)
  6. Pedro Fernández Manrique y Enríquez (died 1589)
  7. García Manrique y Zapata (died 1635)
  8. Ana Apolonia Manrique de Lara (died 1675)
  9. Antonio Álvarez de Toledo y Enríquez de Ribera (died 1690)
The list continues with the Dukes of Alba de Tormes.


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