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Kingdom  Animalia
Subclass  Hexacorallia
Higher classification  Hexacorallia
Phylum  Cnidaria
Scientific name  Corallimorpharia
Rank  Order
Corallimorpharia Corallimorpharia Wikispecies

Similar  Alcyoniidae, Briareum, Xenia, Caulastraea, Acanthastrea

Corallimorpharia is an order of marine cnidarians closely related to stony or reef building corals (Scleractinia). They are mostly tropical, with a narrow column topped with a wide oral disc. The tentacles are usually short or very short, arranged in rows radiating from the mouth. Many species occur together in large groups. In many respects, they resemble the stony corals, except for the absence of a stony skeleton.

Corallimorpharia Corallimorpharia Wikipdia a enciclopdia livre

Corallimorpharians occur in a wide range of marine habitats, and are associated with phase shifts in coral reef ecosystems that result in a change from a hard-coral dominated reef to a soft-coral dominated one. Many species are also common invertebrates kept in marine aquaria.

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According to World Register of Marine Species, this order contains 46 species, inside 10 genera in 4 valid families:

Corallimorpharia Order Corallimorpharia The Marine Compatibility Guide

  • familia Actinodiscidae (empty familia)
  • familia Corallimorphidae Hertwig, 1882
  • genus Corallimorphus Moseley, 1877 -- 6 species
  • genus Corynactis Allman, 1846 -- 16 species
  • genus Paracorynactis Haddon & Shackleton, 1893 -- 1 species
  • genus Pseudocorynactis den Hartog, 1980 - empty genus
  • familia Discosomatidae Duchassaing de Fonbressin & Michelotti, 1864
  • genus Amplexidiscus—1 species
  • genus Discosoma Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828 -- 11 species
  • genus Metarhodactis—1 species
  • genus Orinia – empty genus ** genus Paradiscosoma – empty genus
  • genus Platyzoanthus—1 species
  • genus Rhodactis Milne Edwards & Haime, 1851 -- 6 species
  • familia Discosomidae Verrill, 1869 (empty family)
  • familia Ricordeidae Watzl, 1922
  • genus Ricordea—2 species
  • familia Sideractiidae
  • genus Nectactis Gravier, 1918 -- 1 species
  • genus Sideractis—1 species
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