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Genre  Game show
Voices of  Alan Dedicoat
Original language(s)  English
Presented by  Sam Nixon Mark Rhodes
Country of origin  United Kingdom
No. of series  4

Copycats is a children's game show which airs on the CBBC Channel and is presented by double act Sam & Mark (Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes). It involves two teams of friends and family, each of six contestants, battling against each other in a series of games. Each episode consists of a number of rounds. Three of the rounds are based on chinese whispers. These alternate with physical challenges, which vary from episode to episode.

On 17 January 2016, Sam & Mark announced on their Twitter that Copycats would return after a three-year absence. The new series was filmed in March. The new series of "Copycats" had a brand new look with new opening titles, new logo, new games and new set.

Chinese whispers-style rounds

These rounds form the general theme of Copycats. Each team plays in turn. The members of the team are placed in cubicles separated by sliding doors. Each team member has just 10 seconds to copy the words on the card. The rounds of this form are:

Mime Time 
An action, conveyed by miming. Examples are, "Flipping a pancake" or "Clipping Your Toenails".
Quick on the Draw 
An object, drawn rapidly on a whiteboard.
Music Round 
A musical piece, conveyed by performing it on a kazoo, or by mouthing the words clearly to the next team member.

In each case, the entity to be identified is given to the first member of the team, who must communicate it to the second by the given means, who must in turn communicate it to the third, and so on. The last, sixth member is then asked what was being mimed, drawn or played. If this player correctly identifies the action, object or tune that was originally supplied, the team scores 50 points. Otherwise, the remaining players are asked in turn, with the available score decreasing by 10 for each player who fails to answer correctly.

The winner of the Mime Time and Quick on the Draw rounds (or if the game is a draw, the winner of a rock-paper-scissors game) chooses whether to play the physical challenge that follows or pass it to the other team.


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