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Cody (given name)

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Cody is a surname and unisex given name. It may also be spelled Codee, Codi, Codie, Codey, Kodi, or Kody.


According to A Dictionary of First Names, Cody is "a transferred use of the Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Gaelic O'Cuidighthigh 'descendant of Cuidightheach' (originally a byname for a helpful person), or of Mac Oda 'son of Oda' (a personal name of uncertain origin)." Other translations say that its meaning is derived from Greek as "pillow." Its use in the United States is partially due to it being the surname of Buffalo Bill, a.k.a. William Frederick Cody. People with the given name Cody include:

Real people

  • Cody Cameron (born 1970), American voice actor
  • Cody Carson, American singer in rock band Set It Off
  • Kody Chamberlain (born 1972), American comic book artist
  • Cody Chesnutt (born 1970), American musician
  • Cody Decker, American major league baseball player
  • Cody Hay (born 1983), Canadian figure skater
  • Cody Horn (born 1988), American actress
  • Cody Kasch (born 1987), American actor
  • Cody Klop (born 1993), American actor
  • Kodi Kaatha Kumaran (1904-1932), Indian political activist
  • Cody Legebokoff (born ca. 1990), Canadian serial killer
  • Cody Linley (born 1989), American actor
  • Cody Longo (born 1988), American actor
  • Cody Lundin, American survival trainer
  • Cody McDonald (born 1986), English football player
  • Cody McLeod (born 1984), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Cody Nelson (born 1988), Australian rugby league player
  • Codie Prevost (born 1984), Canadian musician
  • Kodi Ramakrishna, Indian director
  • Kodi Ramamurthy Naidu (1882–1942), Indian bodybuilder
  • Cody Ransom (born 1976), American baseball player
  • Cody Rhodes (born 1985), American professional wrestler
  • Cody Simpson (born 1997), Australian pop/R&B singer
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee (born 1996), Australian actor
  • Codie Taylor (born 1991), New Zealand rugby union
  • Cody Votolato (born 1982), American musician
  • Cody Walker (born 1967), American poet
  • Cody Willard (born 1972), American journalist
  • Cody Wise, American singer
  • Cody Pernell Woolhether, Canadian singer/actor
  • Cody Frost, The Voice UK 2016 contestant
  • Cody Horn, American actress and model
  • Cody Kennedy, American actress
  • Jennifer Cody, American dancer and actress
  • Cody Weiant, American actress
  • Cody Lindquist, American actress and comedian
  • Fictional characters

  • Cody (Final Fight), fictional character in the video games Final Fight and Street Fighter
  • Cody, animated film character from The Rescuers Down Under
  • Cody Anderson, animated television series character from Total Drama Island
  • Agent Cody Banks, film character
  • Cody Bennett, television series character from Dexter, see list of Dexter characters
  • Commando Cody, titular character of the eponymous 1950s science-fiction serial
  • Cody Hida (Iori Hida in Japanese version), television series character Digimon Adventure 02
  • Cody Jackson, television series character from Flight 29 Down
  • Cody Jarrett, film character from White Heat
  • Cody Lambert, television series character from Step by Step
  • Cody Madison, television series character from Baywatch
  • Cody Martin, television series character of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck
  • Cody Maverick, film character from Surf's Up
  • Cody Mcgoo, television series character from Scrubs played by Bruce Willis
  • Cody Pomeray, character based on Neal Cassady in several novels by Jack Kerouac, including Visions of Cody
  • Cody Morgan, main character in the horror movie Before I Wake.
  • References

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