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Christien Rioux

Residence  U.S.
Known for  Security
Role  Software developer
Citizenship  American
Name  Christien Rioux
Fields  Computer Science
Christien Rioux wwwveracodecomsitesdefaultfilesChristienR1jpg
Institutions  L0pht @stake Symantec Veracode
Alma mater  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Education  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Christien Rioux, also known by his handle DilDog, is the co-founder and chief scientist for the Burlington, Massachusetts based company Veracode, for which he is the main patent holder.

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Educated at MIT, Rioux was a computer security researcher at L0pht Heavy Industries and then at the company @Stake (later bought by Symantec). While at @stake he looked for security weaknesses in software and led the development of Smart Risk Analyzer (SRA). He co-authored the best-selling Windows password auditing tool @stake LC (L0phtCrack) and the AntiSniff network intrusion detection system.

He is also a member of Cult of the Dead Cow and its Ninja Strike Force. Formerly, he was a member of L0pht.

DilDog is best known as the author of the original code for Back Orifice 2000, an open source remote administration tool. He is also well known as the author of "The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow."

Security advisories

Significant security advisories that Rioux authored or coauthored include:

  • "Advisory: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0(1) Suite". 1998-01-14. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • "L0pht Security Advisory: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0". February 18, 1999. Retrieved April 19, 2007. 
  • "Advisory: PamSlam". January 4, 2000. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • "Advisory: Microsoft Office 2000 UA Control Scripting". 2000-05-12. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • "Advisory: Windows Still Image Privilege Elevation". 2000-09-07. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • "Advisory: NTLM Replaying via Windows 2000 Telnet Client". 2000-09-14. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • "Microsoft Windows 2000 Network DDE Escalated Privileges Vulnerability". 2001-02-05. Retrieved 2011-04-05. 
  • Patents

    Rioux is the inventor of the following patents:

  • US 8789027  Software Analysis Framework
  • US 8365155  Software Analysis Framework
  • US 7051322  Software Analysis Framework
  • US 7752609  Software Analysis Framework
  • Music

    Christien Rioux is a pianist and music producer, with a stream of original works available on "SoundCloud".  under the name "The Noctem Project". 2012-02-05. Retrieved 2012-02-05. 


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