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Christian Watt

Name  Christian Watt

Christian Watt Portrait of Christian Watt Mrs John Keith University of Guelph
Died  1923, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Christian Watt was born in 1833 in Broadsea, the fishertown of Fraserburgh. Her four brothers, husband and thirteen-year-old son were all fishermen killed at sea. This resulted in her being admitted to an asylum in Aberdeen. She recovered, but chose not to leave the asylum and she remained there until she died in 1923 at the age of ninety.

She was a well-educated woman and wrote her memoirs, known as "The Christian Watt Papers". These memoirs tell the story of her own life and the history of her family. They give an insight into the lives of fishing families in the latter half of the 19th century.

She led a very varied life, spending time in America and also working for some very respectable families, including Winston Churchill's grandmother. She also had ten children.


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