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Christian Smith Pancorvo

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Islington, England


Christian Smith-Pancorvo

Years active

Record label
Mercury Records

Christian Smith-Pancorvo

Birth name
Christian Smith Pancorvo

5 December 1980 (age 43) (

Big Cat, Mercury Records, Taste Media, Our Rekords

Associated acts
Stony Sleep Flying Mango Attack French Car and the Bulimic Wizards Razorlight Serafin Genre 18

Up All Night, Picture Perfect, Jugol gaan (Duet songs)

Music groups
Razorlight (2002 – 2004), Serafin

Rock music, Pop music, Progressive rock, Art rock, Industrial rock, Ambient music, Experimental music

Similar People
Carl Dalemo, Bjorn Agren, David 'Skully' Sullivan, Gus Robertson, Johnny Borrell

Vocals, Drums, guitar

Christian Smith-Pancorvo (Shïan) (born 5 December 1980) is a British musician and author. In 1994, while at Highgate School, he began his career alongside his brother, Ben Fox Smith, as drummer and backing vocalist for Stony Sleep. Since Stony Sleep split up, he has played drums for Flying Mango Attack with Anno Birkin, Razorlight with Johnny Borrell, and then again for his brother's second band, Serafin.

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During his 22 year musical career he has composed, produced and performed for many acts including visionary collective French Car & the Bulimic Wizards, classical art-rock band Genre 18, electro-rock act Afterlife, acoustic piano duo Toad and Frog and for the travelling soul-rock solo-artist Eady.

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In his life Shïan has also worked in insurance companies, been a market researcher, a kitchen porter, a salesman and an English teacher whilst living in Colombia for six years.

He has also written the first book in a trilogy of auto-biographical/observational works, From Stony Sleep to Razorlight, published September, 2017.


Stony Sleep - Music For Chameleons, 1996 (drums, backing vocals, percussion)
Stony Sleep - A Slack Romance, 1998 (drums, backing vocals, percussion)
Flying Mango Attack - Armageddon, 1999 (drums, percussion)
French Car & The Bulimic Wizards - Refuse To Believe, 2003 (vocals, composition, drums, guitars, lyrics, keyboards, production)
Razorlight - Up All Night, 2004 (drums, backing vocals, percussion)
French Car & The Bulimic Wizards - Religion Is Good For You, 2004 (vocals, composition, drums, guitars, lyrics, keyboards, production)
French Car & The Bulimic Wizards - Like You Were Born Addicted, 2005 (vocals, composition, guitars, lyrics, keyboards)
French Car & The Bulimic Wizards - Sister of Art, 2006 (vocals, composition, guitars, lyrics, keyboards)
French Car & The Bulimic Wizards - A~Tension Superior, 2007 (vocals, composition, guitars, lyrics, production)
Serafin - To The Teeth, 2008 (drums, backing vocals)
Genre 18 - A Floydian Slip, 2010 (vocals, composition, lyrics, guitars, production)
Toad and Frog - Beat Death, 2013 (vocals, composition)
Eady - State Of The Animal (in post-production for 2017 release), (production, drums, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Genre 18 - Clearwater (in production for 2018 release), (vocals, guitars, composition, production)


From Stony Sleep to Razorlight (release September, 2017)


UKfrenia - a short film by Gisler Garces Vargas, October, 2017 (lead actor)


Christian Smith-Pancorvo Wikipedia

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