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Channel 19 low power TV stations in the United States

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The following low-power television stations broadcast on digital or analog channel 19 in the United States:

  • K19AA-D in Altus, Oklahoma
  • K19AU-D in Omak/Okanogan, etc., Washington
  • K19BG in St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • K19BK-D in Lakeview, Oregon
  • K19BT in Lucerne Valley, California
  • K19BU-D in Pahrump, Nevada
  • K19BY-D in Grangeville, etc,, Idaho
  • K19CE in Montrose, Colorado
  • K19CG-D in Belle Fourche, South Dakota
  • K19CM-D in Farmington, New Mexico
  • K19CV-D in Redwood Falls, Minnesota
  • K19CX in Yuma, Arizona
  • K19CY-D in Rockland, Idaho
  • K19DI-D in Crowley Lake - Long, California
  • K19DO in Modena/Beryl, etc., Utah
  • K19DQ-D in Montpelier, Idaho
  • K19DS-D in Pitkin, Colorado
  • K19DU-D in Summit County, Utah
  • K19DV in Manila-Dutch John, Utah
  • K19DY in Canon City, Colorado
  • K19EC-D in Mapleton, Oregon
  • K19EG-D in Holyoke, Colorado
  • K19EI-D in Pacific C/Cloverdale, Oregon
  • K19EU-D in Winnemucca, Nevada
  • K19EW-D in Preston, Idaho
  • K19EX-D in Price, Utah
  • K19EY-D in Myton, Utah
  • K19FD in Camp Verde, Arizona
  • K19FF in Miles City, Montana
  • K19FG-D in Jackson, Wyoming
  • K19FH-D in Aspen, Colorado
  • K19FV in Kula, Hawaii
  • K19FX-D in Laramie, Wyoming
  • K19FY in Chico, California
  • K19FZ-D in Elko, Nevada
  • K19GA-D in Susanville, etc., California
  • K19GB-D in Dove Creek, etc., Colorado
  • K19GD-D in Kalispell & Lakeside, Montana
  • K19GF-D in Malad, Idaho
  • K19GH-D in Eugene, etc., Oregon
  • K19GJ-D in Hatch, Utah
  • K19GK-D in Emery, Utah
  • K19GL-D in Yreka, California
  • K19GM-D in Circleville, Utah
  • K19GN-D in Mount Pleasant, Utah
  • K19GO-D in Fremont, Utah
  • K19GP-D in Hanksville, Utah
  • K19GQ-D in Tropic, etc., Utah
  • K19GS-D in Rural Beaver, etc., Utah
  • K19GV-D in Escalante, Utah
  • K19GX-D in Buffalo, Wyoming
  • K19GZ-D in Seiling, Oklahoma
  • K19HA-D in Navajo Mtn. Sch., etc., Utah
  • K19HB-D in Oljeto, Utah
  • K19HC-D in Hoehne, Colorado
  • K19HE-D in Bluff, Utah
  • K19HG-D in Redstone, Colorado
  • K19HH-D in Midland, etc., Oregon
  • K19HJ-D in Pinedale, etc., Wyoming
  • K19HQ-D in Virgin, Utah
  • K19HR-D in Toquerville, Utah
  • K19HS-D in Grants Pass, Oregon
  • K19HU-D in Montezuma Creek & Aneth, Utah
  • K19HV in Deming, New Mexico
  • K19HZ-D in Jackson, Minnesota
  • K19IC-D in Eureka, California
  • K19ID-D in Green River, Utah
  • K19IE-D in Boulder, Utah
  • K19IF-D in Nephi, Utah
  • K19IG-D in Mexican Hat, etc., Utah
  • K19IH-D in Willmar, Minnesota
  • K19II-D in Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • K19IM-D in Duckwater, Nevada
  • K19IO-D in Fishlake Resort, Utah
  • K19IP-D in Flagstaff, Arizona
  • K19IR-D in Enid, Oklahoma
  • K19IS-D in Inyokern, California
  • K19IU-D in Battle Mountain, Nevada
  • K19IX-D in Romeo, Colorado
  • K19JA-D in Cortez, Colorado
  • K19JC-D in Mazama, Washington
  • K19JJ-D in Vale, Oregon
  • K19JM-D in Emigrant, Montana
  • K19JO-D in Harlowton, etc., Montana
  • K19JQ-D in Big Sandy, Montana
  • K19JR-D in Wolf Point, Montana
  • K19JW-D in Mauna Loa, Hawaii
  • K19JX-D in Yakima, Washington
  • K19JZ-D in Carlsbad, New Mexico
  • K19KN-D in Eads, etc., Colorado
  • KBBV-CD in Bakersfield, California
  • KBGF-LD in Great Falls, Montana
  • KEGG-LD in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • KFJK-LD in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • KGBS-CD in Austin, Texas
  • KGRF-LD in Gila River Indian Co, Arizona
  • KHDF-CD in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • KIPB-LD in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • KJII-LD in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • KMBY-LD in Templeton, California
  • KNTS-LP in Natchitoches, Louisiana
  • KOBS-LD in San Antonio, Texas
  • KOTV-DT in Mcalester, Oklahoma
  • KPDR-LD in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • KTEV-LP in Texarkana, Arkansas
  • KUOT-CD in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • KVBA-LP in Alamogordo, New Mexico
  • KXTS-LD in Victoria, Texas
  • W19CA in Lumberton, North Carolina
  • W19CO-D in Pensacola, Florida
  • W19CR-D in Tryon, North Carolina
  • W19CX in Sterling-Dixon, Illinois
  • W19DB-D in Franklin, North Carolina
  • W19DD-D in Brevard, North Carolina
  • W19DV-D in Luquillo, Puerto Rico
  • W19EH-D in Stamford, Connecticut
  • W19HK-D in Black Mountain, North Carolina
  • WANX-LP in Columbus, Georgia
  • WCLL-CD in Columbus, Ohio
  • WDNI-CD in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • WDSF-LD in Montgomery, Alabama
  • WDXA-LD in Florence, South Carolina
  • WEMW-CD in Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • WEYW-LP in Key West, Florida
  • WKPZ-CD in Kingsport, Tennessee
  • WLOW-LP in Beaufort, South Carolina
  • WMMF-LP in Vero Beach, Florida
  • WOTM-LP in Montevallo, Alabama
  • WPED-LD in Jackson, Tennessee
  • WRDM-CD in Hartford, Connecticut
  • WRGB in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • WTKJ-LP in Watertown, New York
  • WVGN-LD in Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • WWKQ-LP in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
  • WYFX-LD in Youngstown, Ohio
  • WYSJ-CA in Yorktown, Virginia
  • The following low-power stations, which are no longer licensed, formerly broadcast on analog channel 19:

  • K19CL in Inyokern, California
  • KDSL-CA in Ukiah, California
  • KLPS-LP in Indio, California
  • KMBA-LP in Ontario, Oregon
  • KQRE-LP in Bend, Oregon
  • W19BR in Monkton, Vermont
  • W19CI in Berwick, Pennsylvania
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