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Chandravati (poet)

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Ethnicity  Bengali
Parents  Bansidas Bhattacharya
Role  Poet
Name  Chandravati Chandravati
Religion  Hinduism
Occupation  Poet

Born  1550Mymensingh, Bengal (now in Bangladesh)
Died  1600, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

chandravati kishoreganj kishoreganj the home of the first female poet of chandrabati

Chandravati (Bengali: চন্দ্রাবতী) was a medieval Bengali poet, widely considered as the first woman poet of Bengali language. She is best known for her women-centered epic Ramayana.


Early life

Chandravati was born to Dij-Banshidas Bhattacharya, in circa. 1550 CE in the village of Patuyari, on the banks of the Fulesshori river in Kishoreganj which is currently located in Dhaka division of Bangladesh. Bansidas was a composer of Manasa's ballads known as Manasar Bhasaner Gan. According to Sambaru Chandra Mohanta, he was one of the composers of Manasamangal.

Literary works

Chandravati was the first woman from the Indian subcontinent to compose the Ramayana in Bengali. She narrated the Ramayana from Sita's point of view and criticized Rama. Chandravati is a highly individual rendition as a tale told from a woman's point of view which, instead of celebrating masculine heroism, laments the suffering of women caught in the play of male ego. She however couldn't finish her work.


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