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Champy's Famous Fried Chicken

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Champy's Famous Fried Chicken, also referred to as Champy's by the locals, is a Southern style fried chicken restaurant. The restaurant's owners Seth and Crissy Champion wanted to bring their family's recipe all the way from the Mississippi Delta region. The restaurant's motto is "Blues, Brews, and Bird". The motto of the restaurant is “Blues, Brews, and Birds” is brought to life from the decorations hanging around the establishment. The restaurant is an expanding food chain with many positive reviews and an atmosphere with a bar and family orientated nature.



All of the items on the Champy's menu are poultry. The sides are items that are considered to be Southern delicasies. The food selection will vary from location and some will only hold certain popular dishes in that location. With the all of the items being poultry based, the selection is very diverse from many dishes to choose from.


Around the Chattanooga region, Champy's is known for its positive ratings and reviews from the critics. The restaurant takes great pride in many of the reviews and honorable mentions by having them decorated around the establishment. Though many find the restaurant to be pleasant, others believe the prices are way to expensive.

An article from the Chatter, a local magazine from Chattanooga, Tennessee, states that restaurant doesn't only offer great food but also that are not willing “to pay permanent homage to the food, plenty are lining up for it."

Garden & Gun claims it is the fried chicken that counts to the Mississippi Delta region and with the "hand breaded, with just enough grease and a hint of peppery hotness, it’s fried gold."

The positive vibes the restaurant don't always persuade to every individual. An article written by The Nooga, another local magazine claims although the service and atmosphere of the restaurant impressed the customer and the flavoring of the food was sensational. He was disappointed by the cooking stating “ was subpar at best, and the melted Styrofoam really left a bad taste in my mouth”


From the location's opening in 2009 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the doors of restaurant have stayed open to the public and have stayed popular with the attraction of college students. Being near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the popularity among the student population gives the restaurant a higher attraction in the crowded populated city. The constant construction being done to the university gave the owners the idea of possibly expanding a second floor onto the establishment to help draw in more customers.

After the popularity with their first restaurant, the owners decided to expand the chain to parts of Alabama. When the charter was approved from Tennessee and Alabama, the building and construction went to work in establishing all of the restaurants in three different cities in Alabama. The first location was Muscle Shoals, Alabama followed by two additional locations in Daphne, Alabama and the last location Alabaster, Alabama.With the new locations in Alabama, the owners are earning a new popularity onto the new food chain. They even hope to expand into more locations in the distant future.


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