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Cephalotaxus sinensis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Class  Pinopsida
Family  Cephalotaxaceae
Scientific name  Cephalotaxus sinensis
Division  Pinophyta
Order  Pinales
Genus  Cephalotaxus
Rank  Variety
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Similar  Cephalotaxus fortunei, Cephalotaxus wilsoniana, Cephalotaxus, Cephalotaxaceae, Cephalotaxus oliveri

Cephalotaxus sinensis

Cephalotaxus sinensis is a coniferous shub or small tree in the plum yew family. It is native to central and southern China.

Some botanists consider Cephalotaxus koreana and C. sinensis to be synonymous with Cephalotaxus harringtonia.


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