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Kingdom  Viridiplantae
Family  Trentepohliaceae
Higher classification  Trentepohliaceae
Order  Trentepohliales
Division  Chlorophyta
Scientific name  Cephaleuros
Rank  Genus
Cephaleuros Cephaleuros virescens Fred Brooks Flickr
Similar  Cephaleuros virescens, Trentepohliales, Trentepohliaceae, Phycopeltis, Green algae

Cephaleuros is a genus of parasitic thalloid green algae comprising approximately 14 species. Its common name is red rust. Specimens can reach around 10 mm in size. Dichotomous branches are formed. The alga is parasitic on some important economic plants of the tropics and subtropics such as tea, coffee, mango and guava causing damage limited to the area of algal growth on leaves (algal leaf spot), or killing new shoots, or disfiguring fruit. Members of the genera may also grow with a fungus to form a lichen that does not damage the plants.

Cephaleuros TERRAIN Taranaki Educational Resource Research Analysis


The species currently recognised are:

  • C. biolophus
  • C. diffusus
  • C. drouetii
  • C. endophyticus
  • C. expansa
  • C. henningsii
  • C. karstenii
  • C. lagerheimii
  • C. minimus
  • C. parasiticus
  • C. pilosa
  • C. solutus
  • C. tumidae-setae
  • C. virescens

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    Cephaleuros TERRAIN Taranaki Educational Resource Research Analysis
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