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Centaurus Cluster

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Constellation(s)  Centaurus
Declination  −41° 18′ 21″
Number of galaxies  ~100
Right ascension  12 48 51.8
Brightest member  NGC 4696
Richness class  0
Centaurus Cluster

The Centaurus Cluster (A3526) is a cluster of hundreds of galaxies, located approximately 170 million light years away in the Centaurus constellation. The brightest member galaxy is the elliptical galaxy NGC 4696 (~11m). The Centaurus cluster shares its supercluster, the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, with IC4329 Cluster and Hydra Cluster.

The cluster consists of two different sub-groups of galaxies with different velocities. Cen 30 is the main subgroup containing NGC 4696. Cen 45 is moving at 1500 km/s relative to Cen 30, and is believed to be merging with the main cluster.


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