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Censorship in Nazi Germany

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Censorship in Nazi Germany

Censorship in Nazi Germany was extreme and strictly enforced by the governing Nazi Party. The government attempted to tightly control information available to their citizens. Almost all Modernist art was considered degenerate art by the Nazi regime. Amongst those who were suppressed both during the Nazi book burnings and the attempt to destroy modernist fine art in the "degenerate" art exhibition were:

  • Ernest Hemingway,
  • Bertolt Brecht,
  • Thomas Mann,
  • John Dos Passos,
  • Elfriede Lohse-W├Ąchtler
  • Philosophers, and sociologists were suppressed by the Nazi Germany:

  • Albert Einstein,
  • Niels Bohr,
  • Edmund Husserl,
  • Karl Marx,
  • Friedrich Engels,
  • Friedrich Nietzsche,
  • Sigmund Freud,
  • Max Scheler
  • Politicians suppressed by the Nazi Germany:

  • Konrad Adenauer,
  • Theodor Heuss
  • To avoid censorship of books they were often given an innocent looking cover, so called Tarnschriften.


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